Vitamin B

  Graham. 10:35 12 Sep 2010

click here I intend to get some but I keep forgetting.

  sunnystaines 12:33 12 Sep 2010

B vits are in everyday fruit and veg, nuts, pulses etc do not think supplements are needed, excess to what is req'ed is flushed away by the body.

b12 found in yeast and animal products.

  spuds 13:39 12 Sep 2010

What's all this advertising about '5 a day' that we see nowadays?.

Personally I tend to get very confused as to what the human body requires and wants as a daily tonic, depending of course by what expert's report I read.

Off now for my lunch of various veg plus meat etc etc. I wonder what life giving additives thats going to provide, and not a vitamin tablet in sight?.

  jakimo 14:25 12 Sep 2010

A TV interview with a Uni medic professor advised not to stock up on vitB supplements without first consulting your any additional intake of VitB may conflict with any prescribed medication

  karmgord 19:47 12 Sep 2010

I keep forgetting to take my vitamin B tablets!

  morddwyd 20:12 12 Sep 2010

"excess to what is req'ed is flushed away by the body."

I think you are mixing up Vitamin B with Vitamin C.

C is not stored, but I'm pretty sure that B is stored, I think in the liver.

When I was given some medication containing Vit B I was warned against certain foods with high Vit B levels (tuna, liver, pulses and the like).

  sunnystaines 20:48 12 Sep 2010

only fat based vits are stored eg A,D, E

  sunnystaines 20:52 12 Sep 2010

A link on excess vits

click here

  Quickbeam 00:59 13 Sep 2010

But sometimes the body can no longer take the required vitamins from the food.

I have to have a B12 jab in the arm every 3 months as I can no longer absorb that vitamin through the gut. This was something that the Doctor picked up on 7 years ago when I was taking an HGV medical. The early symptoms are a tremor when holding my arm out stretched. Apparently if it's not picked up early it then leads to anaemia and early dementia as the link states.

  Graham. 08:42 13 Sep 2010

Food for thought.

  Quickbeam 08:44 13 Sep 2010

It's a lot commoner than you might think, a simple blood test will identify any problems like that.

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