Vista - will your graphics card be able to cope?

  TOPCAT® 14:18 08 Jul 2006

Quote: Microsoft's new operating system, Vista, which is due to go on widespread release in January 2007 will make big demands of your computer's graphics capabilities....

Another factor to think seriously about if you intend to go the Vista way. TC.

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  SG Atlantis® 14:32 08 Jul 2006

The requirements by todays standard are just that, standard.

You'll only have to worry if you've bought a bargain bucket system. I can't see the users of said systems wanting to upgrade to Vista, all they'll be doing is wp, the net and simple stuff which they'll stick to XP for.

  TOPCAT® 15:25 08 Jul 2006

... and I agree with what you say. There could, however, be some who wrongly consider their machine to be 'up to it' and will try to upgrade anyway. I think it will do no harm if the attention of such people is drawn to this article. It could save them a lot of grief. ;o) TC.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:52 08 Jul 2006

The Aero interface will only be offered to you if your pc is up to the job of running it, otherwise only the basic GUI will be offered by Windows. I.E. it will only make big demands of your pc's graphics capability if your pc can meet those demands. Aero looks good with my Geforce 6800GS.

  Trackrat 23:00 08 Jul 2006

I have Vista running on my spare machine (a Shuttle )with a G-Force 3 Ti500 with 64mb's of memory and it runs OK

  LastChip 23:28 08 Jul 2006

The much hyped Aero Glass graphics are only going to be offered on Premium versions of Vista. At least, that's what it appears at present. So a basic version will not offer Aero Glass at all. click here#

I suspect that volume manufacturers will only offer Vista Basic on their budget machines, similar to offering XP Home as against XP Pro - as they do now.

  chamoclafastic 18:30 13 Jul 2006

Am I right in thinking that unless you have a graphics card capable of dx10 then you will only be able to run an inferior version not the full one?

  ade.h 23:10 13 Jul 2006

Has any website compiled a list of probably-compatible graphics cards yet?

  Joe R 10:51 15 Jul 2006


I don't think there is a card capable of running dx10, retailing yet.

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