Vista SP1-Whats it going to solve?

  Jake_027 12:24 03 Sep 2007

I regularly see people complaining about not upgrading to Vista until SP1, but I don't quite understand. I know that a few people have genuine problems with vista, but others just seem afraid to move on. Is the service pack going to contain drivers for older devices, or change Vista back to XP? If no-one ever uses Vista how are microsoft going to know what problems there are to be fixed? I know it has a "WOW" factor, as said in the adverts, but I didn't realise that this included telepathically connecting to peoples minds for updates and driver solutions. As a Vista user myself I did initally have doubts but it just gets better now. I think its just the new interface that initally put me off, but now I'm used to it it still has all the options of XP and more. I understand that people who already have XP may not want to upgrade, especially due to cost, and I'm fine with that. I also know most options can be added on with XP, but this is a hassle. It just annoys me when I see people with no experience of Vista complaining about problems and telling people to use XP. It seems some people are just afraid to move on.

  Probabilitydrive 12:35 03 Sep 2007

Rather than entering in a discussion about Vista versus XP which has been fought since the age of dawn, let's stick with Vista SP1.

(Un)fortunately its going to be a bit of an anti cimax. According to experience made on a leaked Beta Version, with Vista SP1 you'll see a noticeable performance increase as well as far less hard drive trashing and in general the system seems to run smoother and more responsive. It will definitely not be in the league of XP SP1 in terms of radical changes and extra features.

  sunny staines 14:31 03 Sep 2007

hope it will fix most of the complaints people have aired. plus add the missing bits waiting to see the promised fast boot/driver load with motherboards with the new vista bios.
E.U. needs to throw its weight re pricing in europe

  skeletal 14:49 03 Sep 2007

I have actually given up trying to make Vista work (I have a few old threads in the Vista forum). I want to move on, but Vista won’t let me. I pray that SP1 will enable the stupid thing to at least boot up!

I am now having doubts about DX10 games (one big reason for buying a new “super” computer). I have just read that Crysis is very choppy when running on a quad core machine with two 8800GTXs in SLI. I hope SP1 will enable such games to run as they should (is it reasonable to spend £800 on graphics cards to run a game??).

On the rare occasions I have made Vista boot up and run an application, I have observed how much slower Office software runs (measured by experiment, not just a “feel”). I hope SP1 enables software to run as fast as under XP.

I have observed how Vista thrashes the hard drive for many hours (I guess doing a poor index of the hard drives; Coppernic does the same thing in an hour or two). It also thrashes the hard drive for ages during start up; during this time my “super” computer runs a lot slower than my BBC micro (actually not an exaggeration, the BBC is the fastest computer to boot I have owned). I hope SP1 allows you to use the computer on the same day you turn it on.

I have very, very high hopes for SP1!!


  Probabilitydrive 15:50 03 Sep 2007

Really wouldn't hold my breath... click here

  powerless 16:00 03 Sep 2007

Here is the white paper on what SP1 brings...

click here

Or if you want the PDF or XPS versions click here

  holme 16:11 03 Sep 2007

" ... BBC micro ... the BBC is the fastest computer to boot I have owned"

Ah yes, I remember it well (tra-la).

Did you know the latest wheeze (well, since 2003) is to run grandson-of-BBC Micro on a Windows machine, under RISC OS emulation? Also now for Mac OS X.

It's a brilliant 'best-of-both-worlds' combination. See click here

  interzone55 20:29 03 Sep 2007

Considering a BBC Micro boots from ROM rather than disk it's not really a fair comparison.

You clearly have some major issues with drivers on your PC if it rarely boots, and then runs v slowly when it does.

My Toshiba laptop boots to Vista in less than a minute, thats from pushing the on button to full working pc with sidebar & everything loaded. I have a 1.6ghz Dual Core T5500 CPU, 2gb RAM & 5400rpm Hard Drive

As far as I can recall, the drive thrashing after boot is partly the indexing service, but also Vista caching software you normally load after boot-up.

  holme 20:52 03 Sep 2007

"Considering a BBC Micro boots from ROM rather than disk it's not really a fair comparison."

A very valid point. But it's rather embarrassing when the latest version of RISC OS running under emulation on a reasonably powerful PC (i.e. with everything on hard disc, rather than in ROM) starts up in only 4 secs.

And it's even more embarrassing when the emulator will run RISC OS applications many times faster than on native ARM-powered machines. As my colleague said above, it's a brilliant 'best-of-all-worlds' combination.

I think we've gone off-topic... ;-?

  Riojaa 21:16 03 Sep 2007

"It just annoys me when I see people with no experience of Vista complaining about problems and telling people to use XP. It seems some people are just afraid to move on."

Sounds like dead man walking and that man's surely not bothered about searching the web for recommendations on consumer goods.

I listen to friends,read the Which reports and scan on-line reviews on things that I may want to buy. I do the exact same when gaining facts on tradesmen etc.
After all it's just good old business practice.

So Jake_027, you carry on moving along the plank with your Herbalife attitude while'st the rest of us ask genuine questions before soaking up all the corporate bull.

  skeletal 23:51 03 Sep 2007

I have read about the various stuff Vista does at start up and also that, hopefully, SP1 will sort out some of these performance issues; we will see.

The Office slow down is due to the Aero interface; switching to “ordinary” graphics makes it run at the same speed as XP. Before Vista’s launch, there was much play made on how graphics cards would take over applications writing to the screen. I looked forward to this as it would end the infuriating multiple images you get when Windows slows down. So given the enormous computing power of cards like the 8800GTX it does seem ironic that Aero has such an effect. Perhaps you need two in SLI for Vista to work! Actually, I think there is a deliberate slow down in Vista’s code, like menu delays, but I cannot find reference to such a thing, nor a registry setting that I could alter to speed things up.

Holme: that’s amazing! What a hoot!

My reference to the Beeb was, of course, slightly tongue in cheek, but nonetheless, the hardware comparison is staggering: IIRC 1MHz processor, 32k memory (or was it 64k?) vs 2GHz upwards dual core processor and 2G memory and the GTX which has more power than a full computer of a couple of years ago; we are talking the order of thousands of times the computing power yet the Beeb’s boot up was 1 to 2 seconds vs about 5 - 10 minutes for Vista to settle down currently (i.e. to completely stop accessing the HD; I’m impressed you see yours finish in a under a minute alan14; have you done all the tricks of switching of prefetch etc etc?).

I could have issues with drivers, but I don’t know what. It is certainly not the graphics or audio cards as during my experiments I have disabled them; nor peripherals as I have tried with nothing connected, all to no avail.

But all this is why I hope SP1 will sort things out!


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