Vista for FREE

  royalflush 13:29 03 Mar 2007

My freind has just gone to a website that offers Vista for free,dont ask me for it as its a torrent,hes downloaded the FULL version & registered it & he gets all the updates makes me wonder just how secure Vista realy is cause there is the "Crack" with it...aparently its MUCH quicker than XP......

  Forum Editor 13:32 03 Mar 2007

Your friend is deluding himself.

Because shortly he'll be detected by the Vista update site. He may think he's getting all the updates, but he's in for a surprise - there's work going on behind the scenes connected with the update site, and it will be able to identify these cracked versions of Vista.

  royalflush 13:41 03 Mar 2007

Yeah i was going to say how can people get away with it...? seams crazy...i'll let him know..:-)

  €dstowe 13:49 03 Mar 2007

This could raise the question "Do you want Vista, free or paid for?" The answer for me is a definite NO.

I'm waiting until a lot more of the faults are ironed out and there is more compatible software available.

I was, initially, going to have Vista on one machine so I could impress clients that we use the latest computer technology but, I'm not even doing that.

There are very few people that I am aware of who are completely satisfied with it.

  Kate B 13:52 03 Mar 2007

Well, I'm completely satisfied with it. I have had one driver issue, and that's Nvidia's fault, not Microsoft's. It runs quickly and smoothly and has caused me no problems at all since I installed it.

I wish people would stop huffing about "problems being ironed out" - the problems are those of incompatible drivers, which is the fault of the third-party suppliers.

Incidentally, I don't think "Vista cuts off broadband users" on the PCA front page helps click here. The headline is a) inaccurate, because the story is about the lack of driver support for third-party modem manufacturers and b) likely to perpetuate the silly attitude above.

  Forum Editor 13:53 03 Mar 2007

until a lot more of the faults are ironed out"

What faults would they be then?

"There are very few people that I am aware of who are completely satisfied with it."

Well, being 'completely satisfied' is a subjective thing - I knew few people who were completely satisfied with Windows XP, but it has been the most successful operating system ever launched. I believe that Vista is better - much better.

If you wait until everyone is satisfied you'll still be waiting in five years time. As for impressing clients - I have Vista running on all of my office machines, and boy, are the clients impressed.

  anskyber 13:55 03 Mar 2007

Thanks for all those points, I agree with them all.

I am delighted with Vista and I continue to be amazed that major businesses like ISPs have failed to prepare for the "secretive" launch of Vista.

  Forum Editor 14:01 03 Mar 2007

I'm in agreement about the headline, although in fairness the article does make it very clear that third-party software is to blame.

I find it astonishing that TalkTalk have told at least one customer that it will be 'some months' before their setup CD supports Vista.

Like you, I'm a little tired of people blaming Vista for what are third-party driver and installer faults, but it's to be expected. Precisely the same thing happened when Windows XP was launched - lots of people blamed XP for everything then. No doubt some of them are the same people who now swear loyalty to good old WinXP and say they won't touch Vista with a ten-foot pole. They will, but they'll wait until driver issues are resolved.

  €dstowe 14:17 03 Mar 2007

The faults I refer to are those which prevent Vista working in the way I would want - whether the faults are intrinsic to Vista or the producers of the software/hardware which is meant to work with it.

I'm not having a dig at Microsoft but at the manufacturers of peripherals who had plenty of time to sort themselves out in developing a Vista compatible product (heaven knows it's been in development long enough) and who now seem to see Vista a something sprung upon them out of the blue.

  anskyber 14:20 03 Mar 2007

Amen to that.

  PurplePenny 14:26 03 Mar 2007

I really like Vista. I've taken to it straight away in a way that I never did with XP.

I've had no problems with any of my favourite software so far (though I haven't loaded everything).

I have e-mails out to a couple of hardware manufacturers to query whether the peripherals that I'm interested in are compatible. These are not old, soon to be discontinued models, these are relatively new models that do not list Vista in supported OSs. They've had plenty of time to test their current models for compatibility. I have pointed out to both manufacturers that I have no intention of buying their products until they can assure me of Vista compatibility: maybe the threat of sales losses will jolt them into action.

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