Vista computer specs released

  De Marcus™ 23:35 19 May 2006

I've posted this in another thread but thought it worthy of a thread on it's own.

The minimum and recommended specs for running Vista have been 'officially' released by Microsoft.

click here

  rdave13 23:47 19 May 2006

Thanks again for the info. I pass all exept the ram I think . Only got 512k. Mobo has only two slots so will be expensive for me to upgrade to 1 gb. Minimum speks says 512k ram and we all know what minimum speks mean...:(

  wolfie3000 05:41 20 May 2006

Cheers De Marcus,

looks like i wont need to buy a huge £2000 pc WooHoo!!!

My current pc meets the specs.

I guess like many all i need to do now is work out what version of vista to buy.

  Forum Editor 07:45 20 May 2006

You've got plenty of time to decide.

  wolfie3000 08:30 20 May 2006


Any advice to which would suite my needs?

I mostly do online gaming and surfin the net.

  Forum Editor 08:52 20 May 2006

Go for either the home basic or home premium version - either one will suit your needs perfectly.

  De Marcus™ 13:06 20 May 2006

I suppose when Vista is actually released (not for a while yet of course) there will be plethora of similar posts to yours wolfie3000

  Forum Editor 13:54 20 May 2006

I think we'll run a special forum area for those people who have questions before the launch, and problems after it.

  SB23 15:19 20 May 2006

If as the FE suggests, a forum area is set up, I know for a fact that I'll have questions, about my pc specs. Having said that, the only thing that I'll come unstuck on is my graphics, but I'll still have questions. Plenty of time to sort that out though.

  Chris-347369 17:37 20 May 2006

Knowing Microsoft i'm gonna take their specs for the premium edition of Vista and add a bit extra. Probably upgrade to 2GB RAM and a 256MB Graphics card.

By the looks of it the Home Premium edition looks best for what I want to do.

  mammak 20:00 20 May 2006

Well mines is capable of upgrading to 1GB RAM but its a wee while away so Im not hurrying to spend money just yet will wait a bit after the release and watch for the general opinion before leaving my trusted XP oops reading again my graphics might need a boost.

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