Vista Beta Suport no more.

  riiverstock 13:42 21 Mar 2007

My computer,running a beta version of Vista has still got recurring MS bugs .But yesterday I received a Microsoft message that support for the beta is finished and would I like to click the link inorder to buy it.

Ruthless corporate behaviour.Nasty.
I thought we had a year or so!

  Totally-braindead 13:47 21 Mar 2007

riiverstock not trying to be offensive or anything but do you really believe that Microsoft would in effect give away its new operating system for another year when it can charge you instead.
Call my cynical but they have never seemed to me to be that generous and lets face it the Beta testing is well over and the software has now had its full release.

  Kate B 14:14 21 Mar 2007

Not ruthless or nasty at all, simple good business practice. You've in effect had a free OS in return for reporting bugs back to Microsoft. The RTM launched almost two months ago, I'm not surprised the period of grace is over.

Can you put an upgrade over the beta?

  riiverstock 14:27 21 Mar 2007

"Can you put an upgrade over the beta?"

Only the insane or happy clappy MS clones would do so.

You are very right,I should feel very privilaged that MS were very kind in allowing me the opportunity to find their bugs and now leaving me with a heap of rubbish.

  Totally-braindead 14:36 21 Mar 2007

What did you expect? You obviously were a Beta tester and the purpose of the Beta testers were to find bugs and submit them to microsoft. Everyone knew that it was a short term thing and when the full program was released it would no longer be supported.
You have 3 choices. Buy a copy of Vista or install your old OS or install some of the free OSs.

  riiverstock 14:44 21 Mar 2007

No problem I run dual junk.

  Kate B 14:47 21 Mar 2007

I suggested the upgrade over the beta as it would be cheaper than buying a full version of Vista, but you're just being rude.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:15 21 Mar 2007

errrrmmmm...I assume that Microsoft did not force you to be a 'tester'? You knew the score so why complain? If it is such a piece of junk then I would also assume that you would be glad to get rid of it/yawn


  riiverstock 15:22 21 Mar 2007

I like Vista.
However an unsupported Beta is now junk.

We should be given a free version for helping them to delevope the OS;no more,no less.

  Forum Editor 15:36 21 Mar 2007

but your attitude on this is quite ludicrous.

Why on earth should Microsoft provide a few million people with a free copy of the operating system, simply because they downloaded a final release candidate? All the really hard work of beta testing had already been done long before you got your chance, and the main reason for offering the download was to offer people an opportunity to see what Vista was all about. This isn't the first time a release candidate has been made available, it's been done several times in the past.

As GANDALF <|:-)> says, nobody coerced you into using the RC, nobody gave you any false impression about what you were doing, you were told quite clearly what it was you were downloading, and that it would not be supported.

Your silly, rude responses to the comments of other forum members are enough to convince me that this doesn't deserve any further attention.

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