VIsta actually runs perfectly on my 10yr old pc!

  Why wont it work 12:31 06 Sep 2007

I thought it was worth a thread because it surprised me to some extent. I was sufficiently bored to torture my 10yr old Dell by putting Vista Ultimate (trial) on it. To my amazement it runs perfectly, as well as my 4-5month old lappy infact! It's spec isn't exactly ordinary though...

2x 500mhz Intel Pentium III Xeons (1mb version)
2gb SDRAM PC100
18.2gb 10000rpm SCSI-m-jig
radeon 9500

It does prove though, that if at the time you are willing to spend £10,000 (I didn't pay for it!) you can have a pc which will live that long. It's lived through Windows NT, Windows 2000 PRO, Win XP Pro and now Vista Ultimate, quite amazing really. (Never had a single hardware fault either, touch wood).

  Colin 13:22 06 Sep 2007

Not wishing to rain on your parade, but I think Pentium 3's weren't available until 1999 and the Radeon 9500 in 2002, but I understand the point you're making.

  Chegs ®™ 13:31 06 Sep 2007

I tried to prolong the lifetime of all my PC's I've built by using the best components I could afford/buy @ the time.Although my present PC is 5yrs+ in age,it runs Vista home premium according to the MS checker yet I stuck a trial of ultimate on it.I wouldnt like to have kept ultimate on though as it was slow as hell.

I have also previously loaded XP Pro onto an ancient laptop which has 233Mhz CPU and 96Mbs RAM + 4Gb HD.Ok so bootup took about 30 years,but it worked. :)

I'm not saying your old machine would have struggled running Vista though as its still a hell of a spec.

  Why wont it work 13:34 06 Sep 2007

Yes, you are right, it started off with some diamond 2mb graphics card and a Pentium II Xeon but the PC itself is dated Dec 1997.

  dagbladet 17:21 06 Sep 2007

Your 10 year old PC sounds a bit like Trigger's 15 year old broom.

  dagbladet 17:27 06 Sep 2007

...make that 20 year old broom.

click here

Relevant point towards in the last minute.

  Why wont it work 19:16 06 Sep 2007

Ah yes, I know that sketch well :)

Hehe, my point was I didn't expect a 10yr pc to be capable of running such a modern, demanding OS. It's only had two changes, so it's not quite Trigger's broom, but hey.

There can't be that many 10yr old pcs around which can run it, even if they have been upgraded!

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