Visiting Canada

  Chas49 22:47 27 Aug 2009

I'm sure that FE and others can answer this question.

What documentation (besides a valid passport) are required to enter Canada for the purpose of having a holiday?

I'm fixed up to go mid-September and a doubt has been raised in my mind - your experiences would be most welcome.

  newman35 23:16 27 Aug 2009

On many trips to Toronto and Vancouver, I have only ever needed a passport.

  Chas49 23:47 27 Aug 2009

Thanks for that - I thought that this must be but caution made me ask sooner rather than find out later! It is Toronto where I shall be based for a week.

Much obliged.

  newman35 06:44 28 Aug 2009

Make sure you take a trip to the 'Islands' on the local ferry, and maybe catch a 'Blue Jays' game if they are playing at home.

You will, no doubt, be having a look at Niagara Falls !! Awesome, but the town itself is becoming very 'Blackpool-ish', I'm afraid.

Enjoy your trip.

  Chas49 10:24 28 Aug 2009

Have you any tips re getting from the Pearson airport to Downtown Toronto, buses, taxis and the like. This would be very helpful indeed as, looking ahead, I can see that I'll probably be very weary on arrival and prior knowledge would help considerably. I remember a trip to New Zealand 13 years ago, on arrival I didn't know whether I was on this Earth or Fullers! Had it not been for the help I received from a voluntary worker at Auckland then I would have been in deep you know what!

  WhiteTruckMan 11:58 28 Aug 2009

If I ever bailed out of this sinking country then it would be to canada that I would go.

I too only ever needed a passport.

Cant help with the airport thing though. Always get family to pick us up. Remembering where they left the car in the park and ride is a problem though!


  sunnystaines 12:05 28 Aug 2009

do not take any apple's with you they treat you like criminals.

we had about 4 or 5 washington reds apples we bought in tesco before flying out [tesco had imported them from usa] they spotted us with an apple we were marched off to a deserted area in the terminal had our other apples taken away and threatened with heavy fines and barred from entry they were very serious about.

  Pine Man 12:17 28 Aug 2009

There is an Airport bus right outside the terminal building that calls at several of the larger hotels in downtown Toronto.

You can buy your tickets at a kiosk by the bus stop. It's a brilliant service.

I only needed a passport to enter the country.

Niagara has to be seen but when you are ogling it don't look behind you. It's like a big fair ground.

Book a meal in the CN Tower before you go and arrange for it to be at about dusk if you can. The views are spectacular and as the light fades and Toronto lights up it is amazing.

  Jim Thing 12:40 28 Aug 2009

You'll be charged Sales Tax on whatever you buy, but you can claim this back at the airport when you leave Canada. So don't forget to keep the receipt for each of your purchases over a certain amount (I think it was $50 last time I was there, but that was three or four years ago).

...and leave enough time at the airport to go through the claim procedure — there's normally a queue...

  newman35 13:09 28 Aug 2009

I think that scheme ended last year, or the year before.

  newman35 13:20 28 Aug 2009

Find the bus stop outside the terminal for the "192 Airport Rocket", a normal city bus, and take it to Kipling Underground station. Cannot miss it, and driver will tell you if you ask.
Get on the underground and it will take you into the city (on the same bus ticket!). Depending where you are actually heading for you will doubtless find an underground station nearby.
click here

This is the least-cost route, but there are taxis and limos - entirely depends what you wish to spend. About 20-30 mins airport to downtown.

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