flyingbrit 00:39 19 Nov 2005

Ok I'm not an expert but I like to think I'm no novice when it comes to pc protection on the internet, so I think I must be stupid or something and I have just a few silly questions....You see all these threads about virus's(not sure if that should be infecting pc's, where does everyone get them from? are they on some sites more than others? I thought mostly they were hidden in e-mails ect. and you had to, as it were, unzip them, am I wrong? and if they are more prevelent on some sites why doesn't someone compile a list of sites not to visit? and why do the administraters of these sites put up with it? Yes I've been on sites when the anti-virus prog tells me it's found a virus and asked what to do with it(kill,kill,kill). So how do people get viruses?(different spelling)Please if you add to this thread, try not to put in a link, we all must have read loads on the web about it, and links do grate on me sometimes when it's just a topic for conversation.(and no I'm not trying to be smart)

  Devil Fish 03:25 19 Nov 2005

where do they get them from ?

Lack of security Awareness

In my experience through clearing out infected machines i have come across, many machines Not patched
no firewall out of date AV or none at all

Couple this with P2P Email born viruses internet worms and straying away from mainstream sites the recipe for disaster is there

  flyingbrit 05:21 19 Nov 2005

Are you working nights as well? or are you the poker player Dave Ulliot?...rofl. Yea I understand all that about firewall and AV, but what do you understand as being "mainstream" something like 70% of the net is porn based, now to some people that's mainstream.(not me I hasten to add!)

  Nellie2 08:45 19 Nov 2005

Virus... do you mean just virus's or worms and trojans and all the other stuff too?

Hmm... well as you said you could get an email with an attachment, or you could get an html email with something nasty embedded into it. You could install a bit of freeware and unknowingly install something else along with it. If you use IM then there are various nasties that are travelling about those applications, if your PC is not up to date with it's service packs and security updates etc then there are some trojans that will jump into a hole as soon as they come across one. You may be searching for something and visit a site that came up in your search... and get collared by a drive by trojan, again if your security settings aren't set right then an activeX could download and execute without you even knowing it.

Then there are links that people post on forums like this. 'I keep getting directed to this page click here'. So some curious bod clicks on the link.

I could go on and on, I will post one link if you don't mind. It contains some good basic advice from Tony Klein. How Did I get Infected In the First Place click here

  Forum Editor 09:23 19 Nov 2005

I am seeing far fewer infections via email these days when visiting clients. A couple of years ago I could almost guarantee to find one or more of the common infections on most machines I saw, and sometimes there were dozens of viruses on a single machine. Nowadays that's becoming more rare, and I think it's because of a greater awareness on the part of 'ordinary' computer users (for want of a better title) when it comes to internet security.

People who habitually visit porn sites are almost certain to pick up a virus or ten, and the same applies (or applied) to the big file-sharing networks - at one time Kazaa must have been the world's biggest source of computer virus infections. Nellie's 'other nasties' are out there of course, and spotting them isn't always so simple. Her link to the advice from Tony Klein is essential reading for anyone wondering how on earth they picked up that virus infection.

Otherwise, as with many things in life, success (in keeping virus-free) depends to a large extent on common sense. Don't download anything unless you are fairly happy about its point of origin, don't share files with people you don't know, and do keep your anti-virus/anti-spyware software up to date.

I've managed to keep my office network of seven computers - all of which are online most of the day - free from all virus and Trojan infections for years now, not by being particularly clever, but by insisting on rigid security and common sense working practices.

  Haol 10:22 19 Nov 2005

It is true that most viruses come from dirty sites and quite a few of them come from untrustworthy downloads but if you really need to download something download it from the source. Sometimes and I say sometimes you may get viruses from black hat hackers/crackers who just infiltrate your system and then download lots and lots of viruses, trojans, syware, adware, malware. Best way to prevent this is to kit out your computer with a variety of protection tools such as:

For viruses
click here
click here
click here

for spyware, adaware, and malware
click here
click here
click here

For trojans
click here
click here

A rookit scanner will help to find those trojans hidden in programs

Rootkit Scanners
click here

A Good Browser
click here

click here
click here
click here
click here

Intrusion protection
click here
click here

Anonymous Surfing
click here
click here

This information was obtained from the J!INX Forums post by Theoldsausege click here - a gaming/hacking forum.

I'm sorry about the post being so long but it will help you in protecting your computer.

  Haol 10:29 19 Nov 2005

Oh yeah and another thing I forgot is that if you want you could change to using a Linux OS instead of Windows as Linux is more security tight

User Friendly Linux's

Fedora Core - click here
Redhat - click here
Suse - click here
Debian - click here

Fedora Core and Debian are free and the other two you have to pay for but they are all user friendly and are general purpose Linux OS's.

  Devil Fish 13:34 19 Nov 2005

I dont work nights i was up playing civ IV

As for Devil Fish a hasty change of nick previous one too long for new for format

devil fish red devil fish, blue devil fish, the manta ray was also called devil fish by early seafarers

Poker? i'd be lousey at it couldnt keep a straight face to save my life

anyway back to the thread by mainstream not going to porn / crack /warez sites visiting these sorts of sites increases your chance of getting more than you bargained for

  ade.h 17:25 19 Nov 2005

"not sure if that should be viri..."

I just looked it it up; viruses is fine!

  flyingbrit 17:33 19 Nov 2005

I didn't think it was viri, viruses looks fine to me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:25 19 Nov 2005

Viruses where do they come from?

I spend alot of time cleaning other peoples computers and find that the worst are:-

Teenage girls - chat rooms and fake shopping sites
Teenage lads - porn sites

Spyware is also aimed at the young with lots of nasties omming from phone ringtone sites and games sites, most screen saver sites seem to bundle the screen saver with spyware in the download.

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