A virtual world may have problems

  Spark6 10:26 19 Aug 2007

Apologies if this has been posted previously but the possibilities appear endless
click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:37 19 Aug 2007

This says more than I would ever, comfortably want to know about people that use 'virtual' worlds. I despair.


  Forum Editor 11:48 19 Aug 2007

is at the same time both terribly clever and rather sad. It's clever because something like that takes a great deal of skill to develop and control, and it's rather sad because so many people obviously have a bit of a struggle determining the difference between Half life and real life.

Many people feel more comfortable in a virtual world than in the real one, and although I have nothing against a bit of escapism (a good thing for all of us from time to time), I wonder about those who seem to want to totally immerse themselves in virtual worlds.

  Legolas 13:52 19 Aug 2007

Ditto. I have enough trouble in the real world without getting involved in a virtual one

  Spark6 20:11 19 Aug 2007

I wonder how many of our readers, and posters, view Speakers corner as their own little virtual world! No offence intended, simply a thought as I close this thread.

  Legolas 20:20 19 Aug 2007

Good point

  wolfie3000 21:24 19 Aug 2007

I think people are being unfair with Secod Life,

The idea behind this virtual world is astounding and has endless possibilities, its just a shame that some had to spoil it.

Never before has there been a virtual world like this with so many possibilities,

I think the trouble started when big companies came into it and places like online casinos and porn shops opened up in this virtual world.

I have seen the good side of second life where complete strangers interact on a whole new level.

The creativity too is something that amazes me, if you know where to look.

Iv seen over 40 people build whole cities in a week with some of the most stunning architecture iv ever seen.

My advise to people is if you have never visited second life do so, and really explore this vertual world, you might have a change of heart.

  Legolas 21:38 20 Aug 2007

Also a good point

  4gig 22:08 20 Aug 2007

Spark6 ,spot on there with it's own virtual staff photos.

Then we have the many who cannot bear to miss an episode of the soaps. Not forgetting the movies eg Lord of the Rings.
Real living that!

Music, alcohol and drugs maybe real but we use them to enter through to our virtual rooms.

Did anyone mention the Stock Market slumping one day then high rising the very next day?

It all just goes to show that most of us are enacting out Second Life to the whims of the corporate and filthy rich in this life.

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