Virtual Sex..........Real Divorce!

  oresome 16:56 13 Nov 2008

A woman is divorcing her husband after she caught him having an affair with another woman in an online virtual reality game.

Miss Taylor, who has cited unreasonable behaviour in her court papers, met her ex-husband David Pollard in an internet chatroom five years ago and eventually moved in together.

Miss Taylor said she now has a new man in her life, whom she met while playing the internet fantasy role-playing game World Of Warcraft.

I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't happen again.

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  The Brigadier 17:00 13 Nov 2008

Just glad i'm not into virtual games.
Mrs Brigadier would get the shotgun out on me!

  wolfie3000 17:22 13 Nov 2008

i had to laugh at this, because iv done it myself.
Ok people need to realise its VIRTUAL and that there it stays.

Both me and my girlfriend have both had romantic instances in games with other players.

We are both secure enough to realise that its just a game.

Some virtual games encourage virtual relationships in games such as second life and a game im playing at the moment Perfect World.

Heres a picture of one player i got intimate with in perfect world.

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Its like saying if i kill another player in a game im guilty of murder.

  Cymro. 17:27 13 Nov 2008

I don`t consider myself to be having the most hectic of lives these days but compered to these rather sad people at least I live in the real world.

  dagnammit 17:36 13 Nov 2008

If the game is a story game - like acting, then OK(?)

If it's a free roaming thing then no (?) as it's under your control.

Ie. When playing Grand Theft Auto 4, getting the "Warm Coffee" trophy for example is fine...

but if I sought out intimate relations online via a virtual world populated by real people or via a chatroom then my wife would have my bits on a platter.

  sunnystaines 18:11 13 Nov 2008

before i clicked the link i was expecting a cartoon image of a sexy mr & miss perfect, surprised to see it was just some sci fi images from a childrens comic story. The husband must be sad to be playing this and the wife even sadder for getting the hump over it.

  canarieslover 19:18 13 Nov 2008

Obviously all was not O.K. in the relationship and this was seen as an excuse to escape from it. Personally if I was to go off the rails it would have to be with a real person, cyber sex doesn't do it for me.

  wolfie3000 21:26 13 Nov 2008

Ok lets get this into perspective,

First off i can only speak for the game perfect world but there is no cyber sex involved, you can get married in the game and its promoted as you are rewarded for doing so.

It is a free roaming game and you dont have to form a relationship in there but as i said there are big rewards for doing so, gold and status in game.

It may seem to some as sad or having no life but in most cases this isnt true,

Like all games its just an escape for a few hours thats all.

The couple in the original post i suspect had alot more issues to start with.

i know of alot of gamers who form relationships in games due to the game promoting this but leave very happy successful lives and have strong relationships with there partners in real life.

Please understand the fact that cyber sex and forming relationships in games are 2 totally different things.

  Kevscar1 21:44 13 Nov 2008

Will she claim half of his virtual estate

  Pineman100 18:06 14 Nov 2008

I have enough trouble with my wife accusing me of being married to my computer in First Life.

  dagnammit 18:13 14 Nov 2008

Either way it's freaky to get freaky online.

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