Virtual PC anyone?

  anskyber 17:40 25 Sep 2006

There are times when I would like to try new software, Office 2007 is such an example or even, dare I say Vista.

The perils of doing so need not be spelt out here, so I shall not go over the usual health warnings. Virtual PC seems to offer a way forward by protecting your original system and allowing experimentation with new things. A PC within a PC if you like. If I have got it right then a foul up of the virtual PC simply requires a deletion of the VPC and a reinstall to start again. There has got to be a catch and I am sure those with the expertise will keep me on the straight and narrow. Downloading VPC is free.

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  1minute 17:54 25 Sep 2006

Bill giving something away free is a bit strange, but he may be he's just a nice guy now he's retiring?

  Kate B 18:14 25 Sep 2006

Well, actually, remember that the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation gives away fortunes every year ...

  lisa02 18:51 25 Sep 2006

Ooodles of MS software is free.

  powerless 18:56 25 Sep 2006

Whilst it's free, which is nice of course! IMO it is rubbish, it's slow, stupid UI, feature-less and it's slow again.

VMware is far better, it's FAST, save movies, Dual CPU support [can't remember if VPC has that]. "Snapshots" so no need to reinstall anything, just revert to the snapshot, a far greater UI oh and it's fast. I use the Workstation version but there is a free Server one. Plus VMware can open VPC's ;-)

A cheaper version is Parallels, which I don't use on Windows although I use it on my Mac and that is faster than Vmware IMO. [Well my Mac has a better spec than my PC].

But try VMware and you'll see how slow VPC is.

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  silverous 08:46 26 Sep 2006

lisa02: "Ooodles of MS software is free."

I'm not disagreeing with you but when I read that I struggled to think of any.

  lisa02 08:56 26 Sep 2006

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