Virginmedia taking Sky to court.

  Joe R 21:17 12 Mar 2007

As a long standing cable customer, I'm intrigued by the comings and goings of Virgin and Sky over the withdrawal of channels from the cable franchise.

There is now posted on the channels where, Sky one, Sky news, Sky sporte news etc used to be, the following message.

"As you may have heard, Sky have withdrawn the basic channels from Virgin Media.

After demanding around double what we were previously paying, Sky also refused to let an independant body set a fair price.

On 5th March, we told Sky that we will take legal action if this isn't resolved within 30 days.

We believe this will:
* Help set a fair price for our customers
* Enable us to concentrate on giving you the best possible service
* Stop Sky from using their dominance to stifle competition.

You can find out more from"

Looks like an interesting tussle ahead.

One point I would like to make is, why should cable customers be forced to pay more for Sky news and Sky sports news, when these two channels are available on Freeview.?

Has anyone any views on this situation, or has it already been "debated to death" :)

Regards Joe.

  rodriguez 21:22 12 Mar 2007

I've always had Sky so this situation doesn't affect me, but even if I had cable I wouldn't bother changing to Sky anyway. Why go to all the hassle of changing providers, having cable took out and having a dish put up just to get 3 or 4 extra channels? They should but Branson and Murdoch in a boxing ring for Comic Relief - I reckon that would be quite funny. ;-)

  Joe R 21:24 12 Mar 2007


Better than any other reality tv at the minute, yes, I'd like to see that one myself. )

  BT 07:35 13 Mar 2007

The Sky channels on Freeeview may well have their days numbered. The word is that Sky will be withdrawing its channels from Freeview and attempting to introduce its own terrestrial style digital service which would mean you having to buy their box to receive it. It would seem that their purchase of a bit of the ITV business is to ensure that they have bandwidth on the transmitters. I for one would not be buying yet another box. I am on cable at the moment and the loss of Sky 1&2 are not a problem, and the loss of Sky News and Travel channels are even less of a problem.

  laurie53 09:38 13 Mar 2007

If I could only get cable I would dump Sky in an instant.

That's one of the problems not being addressed. Cable tends to cherry pick the areas of densest population, leaving Sky in monopoly situation in vast areas of the UK. I can't even get my local news.

By the way, I don't live in the back of beyond, we have a population of nearly 4,000


  Zero G 09:47 13 Mar 2007

Murdoch v Branson.
If it was the other way round would Virgin say it was wrong or just you have to pay extra for the service?

I think Murdoch will win this, after all they can decide who they do or dont supply programes to. And i dont think they have ever got on with Branson anyway!

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