Virginmedia putting on the squeeze

  WhiteTruckMan 14:41 28 Mar 2007

Just had a letter from virginmedia. (Should say at this point that I'm an ntl customer who was transferred to VM when they took it over)

Quote from the letter "The way your call charges is calculated is also going to change. Instead of charging to the nearest second " (as ntl did) "calls will be rounded up to the next minute. So for example a call that lasts 4 minutes 50 seconds will be rounded up to 5 minutes."

Note that: rounded UP, not rounded to the nearest minute. That means that a call lasting 4 minutes 1 second will cost you 5 minutes also, even though they conveniently havnt mentioned that also. I wouldnt bother if it was to the nearest minute, (or even half- or quarter- minute) as it would in the long run average out, but theres only a 1 in 60 chance of finishing a call dead on the minute, so a 59 in 60 chance that we will be paying for something that we don't get.

Of course, if they were going to use the money saved to buy back sky one that might be different. I'm afraid I cant work the odds out on that though....


  Bingalau 15:17 28 Mar 2007

WTM I've had Virgin as my ISP for a couple of years now. I was going to upgrade, so that I also got my TV and Phone from them and it all looked reasonable to me. (Everything would have been by cable and cheaper). But when they lost the Sky programs my wife put the blocks on it. She said there were too many of her favourite ones missing on the list of programs that were left.

I think rounding up prices to the nearest minute is scandalous, I very seldom make calls more than a couple of minutes. So if I made a call of 61 seconds I would be paying near enough double.

  Zero G 17:47 28 Mar 2007

Contact Richard Branson.
He's in charge, contact the main man!

  pj123 18:00 28 Mar 2007

I also went from NTL to Virgin Media.

I paid £25 a month to NTL and all my normal UK National and Local telephone calls are free.

The only exceptions are (premium rate, which are barred on my phone anyway) and 0870 and Mobile numbers.

So, unless I make a lot of calls to Mobiles or non geographical numbers (which I don't) my telephone bill is free except for the £25 per month.

  WhiteTruckMan 18:09 28 Mar 2007

Thats the agreement you had with ntl. You might want to check, as the letter I have says the new phone charges are coming into effect from 1st May.


  Curio 20:45 28 Mar 2007

Am ex Telewest and now Virgin Media. Like you, totally unimpressed with this sly boost to their profits. Perhaps they have been taking lessons from the Chancellor! lol

  octal 21:43 28 Mar 2007

I haven't received a letter like that yet, if I do a letter will be winging it's way off to here:

Sir Richard Branson's Office,
Virgin Management Ltd,
120, Campden Hill Road,
London, W8 7AR.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:12 28 Mar 2007

in the next few days. It looks like a standard form letter. The sort of thing you would normally dismiss as junk mail. I opened it by mistake, thinking it was the bill.


  g0slp 22:21 28 Mar 2007

Perhaps it's time to move on to another provider.

The problem is, who?

  Strawballs 22:29 28 Mar 2007

I have the free evening and weekend calls through NTL and the letter I have just receaved from VM states that it will not change on that front.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:40 28 Mar 2007

click here

but the phone information is generally on the right lines.


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