Virgin Media, small phone price increase

  oseven 16:37 21 Apr 2008

Dated April 2008 from Virgin Media.
"There will also be a small increase to the daytime rates etc etc....Change from 3.25pence per minute to 4 pence per minute."
If I am correct this is a 23% increase.Hardly "small".

  tullie 16:47 21 Apr 2008

I suppose .75 of a penny is small to some people.

  peter99co 16:56 21 Apr 2008

I have just fitted an internet phone adaptor and as a result do not pay 4p or the connection charge either.

  laurie53 20:44 21 Apr 2008

British Gas person "I believe you've got a small problem with your gas boiler?"

"Well, it's not a small problem to us. It doesn't work"

"Ah yes, but the only reason it doesn't work is that it won't light; that is a minor problem"!!!

I swear that this is true, and happened to us within the last three years.

  bluto1 23:04 21 Apr 2008

I'm with Virgin Media, I haven't heard about this increase. Perhaps they're mind readers and have found out that I'm leaving them next month.
Having said that, what calls are they increasing?
Service, 08XX calls, or normal 01 or 02 calls?

  oseven 19:37 22 Apr 2008

It's all calls to 01 & 02 nos.I am not affected cos I pay £8.95 per month to cover all 01 & 02 nos.I am just amazed that they can call a 23% increase "small".
By the way since I started this £8.95 lark every company I want to phone has a 0870 or 0845 no.
Mind you I use the " say no to 0870 " site.

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