Virgin Gadget

  Newuser38 11:02 17 Dec 2009

click here I guess this ties in with the current beta test some members are involved in.

  birdface 11:21 17 Dec 2009

Maybe if he concentrates on making their own security programs better rather than giving advice about other security programs may be a step in the right direction.
I can see where someone paying for any of the programs may have problems.
And why pay when you can get advice for free.

  peter99co 11:52 17 Dec 2009

this (PCA) forum must provide a good service to many, especially if 78 percent would consider spending two hours trying to fix a gadget themselves instead of spending 20 minutes on the phone with customer service.

I hesitate to think of the costs involved using the phone option. Even the cost of calls to Microsoft put many off. I went via the email route and the problem I had took WEEKS to fix.

I would give up on gadgets if I had that many problems to consider paying £2.99 per month.

  peter99co 11:56 17 Dec 2009

click here

Gives a better idea of the service being offered.

  birdface 12:20 17 Dec 2009

Virgin has hooked up with AVG and is giving away the free AVG 9 anti-virus software in its 'digital toolkit'.
I had to look up the date to make sure it was not April.
I suppose PCA will be closing soon as there will be no need for them anymore if we all use the new service.{Somehow i don't think so]
I use Virginmedia and maybe think this may just be another way to get their customers to pay for advice instead of getting it free.
There are company's that already do the same sort of service so whether it will work out ok or not I have not got a clue.
It could be bad publicity for Virginmedia if it does not.
The old saying fools and their money are soon parted springs to mind.
But that is only my opinion and it may well be an overwhelming success.

  sunnystaines 12:30 17 Dec 2009

did not see this beta invite so missed it. but curious about virgin digital helper what does it do?

  Condom 14:09 17 Dec 2009

Well it looks as if many of the testers still don't know what it does as it doesn't seem to work with Win 7. I find it ever so strange that this service seemingly started yesterday yet we are only beta testing it today!!

  sunnystaines 18:50 17 Dec 2009

perhaps not too bad that i missed it then as my desktop is w7.

will have to keep a closer eye open for next beta offer

  Forum Editor 22:40 17 Dec 2009

some weeks ago, but we weren't able to talk about it. The company wanted us to organise a test programme for them, and we had to do it under a cloak of secrecy.

All is now revealed however, and our forum volunteers are now testing the service for the first time. Virgin is monitoring the test with a view to tweaking the product based on our feedback.

  sunnystaines 16:02 18 Dec 2009

back in the days of XP there used to be a useful app you could download free it was a database of windows error codes you put in the codes and it explained possible causes and often useful links.

i can remember posted the app on the forum and was surprised only a few acknowledged it i found it very useful at the time.

perhaps virgin gadget could have similar built in.

  AL47 16:27 18 Dec 2009

either i didnt see the w7 not working option or it wasnt there cause i cant install it

was just curious as to what it was mostly

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