V.I.P. treatment

  Brumas 21:41 10 Sep 2006

I’ve known my old mate Arthur for 40 years - we palled up in Dortmund, Germany when we were both stationed there in the Army in the late 60’s.
Unfortunately at the moment he is suffering recurring bouts of depression since suffering a nervous breakdown(Iv'e also been there so I know what he is going through) earlier this year. He is really going through the mill at the moment both physically (diabetes – amongst a host of other medical problems) and mentally (two failed marriages, estranged children and poor accommodation/location) – I won’t go on..

In order to try and cheer him up I wrote to the C.O. Catterick Garrison in order to try and get permission for him to visit the old camp, where we were both stationed in the early 70’s as he always mentions how happy and content he was whilst in 5 Inf. Wksps. R.E.M.E.

To cut a long story short I have had two very positive letters from the G.S.M. replying in the affirmative – but it gets better, they are going to send a Staff Car to pick us up (85 miles away – I had intended to drive) and have arranged a full itinerary; tour of garrison, meal in the WO&Sgt’s mess etc. Not bad for a couple of Lance-Jacks…. He really has perked up and to tell the truth I can hardly wait because I am sure this will do him the world of good as it is something ‘to look forward to’

I just thought I would share this with you as I am so gob-smacked with the response,

  mac donald 21:55 10 Sep 2006

i hope you have a great time there you and friend deserve it good luck.

  mammak 22:03 10 Sep 2006

One of my children were born in Riendallen in Germany (Mmmm is that how you spell it dont think so lol) spent four and a half years in Germany in my 10 years as a wife off and a good life it was but a single mans life in my opinion
but never the less a good life in the Forces

good luck to you and your mate Brumas xx

PS. take care of you both.

  silverous 22:05 10 Sep 2006

Brumas, this is what friends are for and you are a true friend to this chap. I seem to recall you posting about ideas for your wife's birthday also? You really do make a habit of creating good experiences for others by the sound of it, I applaud you!

  lisa02 22:08 10 Sep 2006

I admire your dedication to your pal.

It'll be good for you both, have a great day!

Best Regards


  Brumas 22:23 10 Sep 2006

I'll be blushing soon. 'I am what I am' just a normal sort of a guy - thanks for the nice and thoughtful responses.

mammak - Rheindahlen, brings back good memories - thanks for reminding me.

  lisa02 23:22 10 Sep 2006

Credit where it's due Brumas.

Please come back and let us know how it goes I'd be interested to hear about it.


  Brumas 09:12 11 Sep 2006

D-Day is Wednesday 13th September so I shall 'green tick' the following day and provide an up-date, thanks for the interest.

  Kate B 10:37 11 Sep 2006

what a nice thing to have done - you're a good friend to him, Brumas. Hope you have a good day.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:16 11 Sep 2006

And take LOTS of pictures. and dont be shy about asking others to take some as well (with you on).

All the best


  1minute 21:29 11 Sep 2006

My Father last year was passing Bulford & Tidwoth Garrisons on the A303 and drove down to see were he was staioned 50 years ago on National Service. The guards after taking his details & car reg let him drive round the base, on his return to the gatehouse the RSM(WO1) met them and they chatted about the camp & time in the army. Shows the Army does care about old soldiers.

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