Violence in Sport

  morddwyd 08:07 07 Oct 2009

A rugby player has been banned for kicking an opponent in the head having only just served a ban for eye gouging.

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I have played rugby and I know how easy it is to become "overenthusiastic" but has this player really got any place in a contact sport?

  Quickbeam 08:23 07 Oct 2009

It maybe a traditionally rough sport, but there's no room for players without self control.

  morddwyd 08:58 07 Oct 2009

"Being given the opportunity to behave like an animal and learning to control it."

That is actually the point of life, not just rugby.

  Brumas 09:20 07 Oct 2009

To be honest I think Rugby Union is just 'British Bulldogs' crossed with the Eton Wall Game plus a lot of random kicks thrown in!
If you want to watch skilful, fast flowing rugby watch Rugby League - Up the Robins!

I'll get my coat!

  morddwyd 09:24 07 Oct 2009

I'll get mine too.

If fourm member agrees with one of my posts I've obviously lost my touch!

  Picklefactory 09:52 07 Oct 2009

I think it's the same for football, I've seen so many Premiership players falling over in agony already this season, it's a disgrace. Some of them almost came into contact with other players at the time, too. I think the FA should take all their hangbags off them, and reduce the violence.

Oh, and gag them too.

  Quickbeam 10:08 07 Oct 2009

Mind you, the pretty boys are still best kept to the back row to protect their looks:O

  donki 11:59 07 Oct 2009

Its nothing new, I think the majority of players dont go out to intentionally hurt or injure the opponent I certainly don't. Yes it feels good getting a good tackle in on someone, beating someone in a lineout, your ruck/scrum overpowering the opposition does this mean players are acting like animals? In my opinion no it doesn't.

The player mentioned should indeed be forced to serve a longer ban, a season perhaps and a fine. The same should go for any sport though and should apply to players and coaching staff alike, much firmer discipline needs to be applied in order for any unsportman like/ violent behaviour to reduce.

Oh and boys if you dont like a bit of contact sport I hear tiddly winks is pretty safe :).

  Picklefactory 13:34 07 Oct 2009

Oh and boys if you dont like a bit of contact sport I hear tiddly winks is pretty safe :).

Might need safety glasses these days. :o)

  donki 14:25 07 Oct 2009

I totally agree and don't think it should be tolerated as i said. The problem is with these incidents the action the governing bodys take is not enough. Take for example the player mentioned in the ordginal post, players who continually offend should be susspended for a substansial lentgh of time, he should also be fined. This could go even further by fining the club as he is representing them on the pitch.

This should be applied across the all major sports as it is the only way some players/ coachs/managers conduct themselves.


The sooner video evidence is introduced to tiddly winks the better, there is so many incorrect calls made by the refs :D

  Forum Editor 17:42 07 Oct 2009

and he used to tell me that it was a game in which real men knocked each other about without there being any animosity. The man who was your fierce opponent on the field became your drinking companion after the game.

I suspected that he was romanticising somewhat, but then he was a Welshman born and bred, and he believed that Cardiff Arms Park was a holy place - a game between Wales and any other country in the Arms Park when Cliff Morgan was playing was about as near to heaven as you could get on earth.

During his playing years he suffered a broken nose, broken collar bone, and all his front teeth knocked out, but he said he never saw anyone injured in anger - it was just part of the rough and tumble of the game, and you enjoyed the play, win or lose. I very much doubt that today's players have such a prosaic view of the game - it's all about winning now, and that means some people will stop at nothing.

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