Video Boredom

  Confab 14:13 20 Sep 2006

Before I start may I say that I do have a sense of humor (my wife laughs at me all the time) but something strange is afoot in Speakers Corner and I think it's time that it should stop. This post is not directed at any individual, honestly, so please don’t think it’s a direct attack at anyone who may feel just a tad guilty.

Has anyone noticed an increasing number of postings with links to “funny” videos “cute” clips or “hilarious” jokes that are quite frankly not at all funny, cute or hilarious at all? I really don’t want to see endless links to Youtube or Google Video or any of the other sites where people post their own videos. I had a trawl through some of these sites last night and to be honest they seem to be made up of either juvenile attempts at comedy or clips that are intended to shock – some were genuinely nasty.

If someone wants to look at these sites then that’s fine by me. They can spend all their leisure time looking at every clip as far a I care.

So next time you see a clip of a man falling off of a ladder or a cute little kitten playing with string done post it here – mail it to your friends instead!


  Kate B 14:14 20 Sep 2006

Or you could just not click on the links, Confab.

  Confab 14:16 20 Sep 2006

That's like saying "Whatever you do don't open that box."


  Kate B 14:19 20 Sep 2006

True! But seriously, it's pretty clear the moment you open a thread that it's a link to a video. I often don't click them either because they take time to load and life is too short, that doesn't mean I think people shouldn't post them if they want to.

  jaritch 14:27 20 Sep 2006

Obviously some people do like funny video clips. Try asking the Forum Editor if he can set up a new Forum called "Confab's Corner" and you can screen what you want in it.

  it_girl 14:34 20 Sep 2006

Confab,there is no need to click on links to find out where it may take you.Just sit the mouse over the link and the details of the site are revealed.
Obvious,for the case youtube.

  Confab 14:39 20 Sep 2006

If you like funny video clips you can go to Youtube or whatever and pick from the 100’s on offer there. My sense of humor may differ from yours so how would you know what I or anyone else finds funny? I’ve got quite a few websites that I like but do I keep posting links to then? – No because others may find them boring.

"Try asking the Forum Editor if he can set up a new Forum called "Confab's Corner" and you can screen what you want in it" –Sorry I don't get this bit. I don't want to screen anything, that’s my point.

Kate B – I know I don’t have to click the link but Speakers Corner is describes as “This is the place for lively and thought-provoking debate” A link to a cute teddy bear or Benny Hill tribute hardy fulfils that criteria.

it_girl - Thanks for the tip ;-)


  Kate B 14:51 20 Sep 2006

Given that it doesn't take up your time, I don't understand why you're sniffy about it. Live and let live, eh? If it amuses people, I don't have a problem with it. It's a bit like saying "I never watch Morecambe and Wise but I think they're rubbish and therefore nobody else should watch them, either".

  Confab 15:12 20 Sep 2006

I’m not sniffy about it, I’m not saying they are all rubbish and I’m not saying that nobody should watch these clips. If people didn’t find at least some of them funny then the websites wouldn’t be so popular (as they lead us to believe). What I object to is the links to specific clips on this site.

Every single one of us is quite capable of going directly to Youtube or Google or whatever and viewing all the clips to his/her hearts content. If you want to post a link then fine, I wont, can’t, and have no intention of stopping you.
What I would much prefer to see is “lively and thought-provoking debate”.

Maybe we could ask the FE to set up a Video Link Forum!!


  Kate A 15:22 20 Sep 2006

It may provoke some thought, or even debate.

click here

Such as: Does the creation and distribution of videos such as the one above lead to increasing numbers of the population becoming disengaged from politics? Does it do more harm than good? Is this just trivialising politics?

  it_girl 15:32 20 Sep 2006

Hi Kate A ,did you arrive before Kate B?
I like your style. You're not a political jounalist by any means?Are you?Really?

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