Victor Meldrew at the checkout...

  Quickbeam 11:16 31 Mar 2008

Today I sadly noticed that that is what I've become!

After eying up the available checkouts, I picked one with an operator that I've avoided for a while, but couldn't remember why. So I started to load the belt when the next operator said "use this one, it's nearly clear". " No thanks, I don't like being first, with everything going off the other end before I've loaded", I said.

Anyway, I then realised why I didn't like to use the first operator... She's the one that scans everything through at supersonic speed creating a mountain of crushed items faster than I can bag them!

And I'm only 51... is that too young to become a Victor?

  Chris the Ancient 12:11 31 Mar 2008

If not a Victor - certainly a candidate for the 'Grumpy Old Men' on BBC TV.

Unfortunately (?), I'm older than most of them in that show, so I'm more in the league of Victor Meldrew.

  Bingalau 12:20 31 Mar 2008

When I get grumpy my grand children always say "He's doing his Victor impression again".

  belfman 12:35 31 Mar 2008

Tell them to do their nails for a minute while you carefully pack your own stuff.

The other ones that annoy are the charity bag packers - they are awful. My comment to them is "I'll donate if you leave my shopping alone".

I'm a 'Victor' and I'm in my mid 20s!

  lofty29 12:36 31 Mar 2008

I was a victor as soon as I could speak

  interzone55 12:36 31 Mar 2008

I'm only 38 & I agree with you entirely.

Some operators take it as a challenge when you refuse help with packing, sending stuff through at lightning speed.

Even worse, our Asda regularly has school kids packing bags for charity on Saturdays, I hate it when they're there, they stack all the heavy stuff on top of fruit & bread.

  BT 16:29 31 Mar 2008

I think the Checkout operators in Lidl are faster than the rest, they must be on piecework.

Me and my mate Dave practised for years to be Grumpy Old Men at work and think we succeeded quite well.

  Bingalau 16:43 31 Mar 2008

It makes a change to hear the checkout chicks being credited with being too fast. How can they win? Their job is to get you, the customer through in the fastest possible time. There are other people waiting behind you too of course, probably doing a Victor about how slow they are.

It's up to you how you pack your goods and I like others make sure mine are packed as I like them. I always try to use the self service checkouts in places where they have them. Normally there are no queues there. It is easier to do your own. Once you have fathomed out where to put your money and where the change comes out and the receipts etc. All from different places which seem to be nowhere near each other.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:53 31 Mar 2008

Got dragged to ASDA last week, I pked the bags for my good lady, but of course I got it wrong.

Heaviest first (but spread the weight between bags)
Don't put soft things in with cans.
"Smellies" separate from bread etc.

Never had this trouble with the kit bag

Is there a training course to attend for bag packing?

  Forum Editor 18:01 31 Mar 2008

My wife has to suffer me agreeing with pretty well everything that's said whenever there's a 'Grumpy old men' on TV.

  spuds 18:24 31 Mar 2008

Ever helped a checkout girl, by putting a checkout closed sign on display, as you (she stated) were the last customer, because her shift was ending. Then doing a Victor Meldrew (me) by pointing out the sign to other customers desperate to unload and pay for their shopping.A few minutes later, the supervisor arrived and removed the sign, and 'asked' the checkout girl if she could work an hours extra overtime, because they were short staffed.

I wonder if Victor Meldrew would have been proud!.

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