Very weird, but is it a crime?

  donki 10:05 15 Nov 2007

Was have a wee look at the daily news and came across this. Very strange fetish to have but how exactly is it a crime as the guy seemed to be in his own room. Beware if you read the article you will have strange visions in your head all day wonderen how exactly it worked.

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  Si_L 10:14 15 Nov 2007

I don't think that is a crime. He should apologise to the bike and be set free.

  paul€ 10:34 15 Nov 2007

This has already gone around the circuit a few times. Many have tried to get a handle on how someone could be saddled with such a fetish. It also transpired that other fetish gear was found in his possesion and when he managed to brake away from the press he scooted off into hidding.

One chain smoking reporter was heard to retort ' so thats what rings his bell'

  Si_L 11:41 15 Nov 2007

Haha that was quality :)

  Totally-braindead 11:46 15 Nov 2007

Weird definatly but I think they went a bit far taking it to court after all he was in his own room not doing it in public.
Wonder if he spends a lot of time trawling CycleWorld?

  Monoux 11:47 15 Nov 2007

The mind boggles

  silverous 12:01 15 Nov 2007

The fact is he allowed the cleaners to be exposed to his perversion, surely that's enough for him to be taken to court?

  JanetO 12:11 15 Nov 2007

This is a fetish that's very unusual. Most, have in some way, a connection with something fairly comprehensible.

What does amaze me is this is is not treated in some way by the authorites. He's not going to be cured by sending him off to prison or fining him.

  donki 12:22 15 Nov 2007

I think that placing him on the sex offenders register was a little over the top. Unless they were worried about the wellfare of innocent bicyles in his local area. May be Halfords and CycleWorld will have to start doing checks on its pesonnel to stop any grooming going on in their stores :P.

  Belatucadrus 12:33 15 Nov 2007

It's idiotic, it involves an inanimate object and a was taking place behind a locked door. OK so the guy's terminally weird, but the police reaction is total jobsworth. It's not as if he's been molesting innocent young tricycles in the local park.

  robgf 12:43 15 Nov 2007

This seems a bit daft, it may be weird (and funny), but he wasn't doing it in the street and he was harming no-one and he had the door to his room locked. Perhaps the cleaners need to knock a bit louder?
It's hard to fathom why he has been placed on the sex offenders list?
Should I wear a condom in future, when riding my bicycle, it does have one of those alluring anatomical saddles and I sometimes ring its bell.

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