Very quiet in here.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:53 11 May 2005

There seems to be very little activity in the Speakers Corner recently, is it going to be replaced if it doesn't pick up?

Dunno - but the Network forum is no busier and the Webdesign forum is also pretty quiet.

  bemuzed 21:20 11 May 2005

Everyone is perfectly happy with reliable sfotware, fault free PCs and all the functionality they need

  josie mayhem 21:23 11 May 2005

More likley every one's gone on their hols.. Or prehaps enjoying the fine weather that we having at the moment.

  Joe R 21:30 11 May 2005

josie mayhem,

I think you got it in one, "the weather".

Being Scottish and unused to the "sun", we have had a few nice sunny, and warm days recently, and it's amazing to see, the amount of people out and about, with shorts & t-shirts on.

Now, what did I do with my frostbite cream. :)

  stalion 21:55 11 May 2005

freezing today must be to do with global warming

  jack 09:27 12 May 2005

Well if there are no wonderous developments to report and DSG are not selling too many new/used puters, I guess we had better get on and do that something useful............... Now how far had I got on that Digital Imaging for Beginers treastise
that I am supposed to be writing?

  Diemmess 14:31 12 May 2005

zz-z-z- ! ..... whassat?

  wiz-king 14:59 12 May 2005

Perhaps the great god of computing (Thor? Odin?) has been appeased by the amount of electrickery saved in the last few weeks by people turning off their televisions to avoid the election coverage.

  amonra 15:14 12 May 2005

I think everyone is phased out after the excitement of the election 1!!1!!11!1
Can anyone hear you screaming in inner space?

  Djohn 16:27 12 May 2005

I'm still here, reading more than posting, but here none the less. ;o)

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