Very poor treatment of foriegn forum members.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:00 02 Mar 2009

This is in response to click here and some other threads I have seen in the time I have been a member of this forum.

The originator of the above thread was obviously not a native English speaker, made clear by him later in the thread. The first two responses "Eh?" and "Don't spend too long trying to work out what he' trying to say, there is no sense at all in that post, you will waste your time!" are reprehensible and serve only to make those who made the responses look as stupid as they seem to think the originator of the thread is. You two are very poor ambassadors for this forum and this country, though unfortunately not the first to be so poor.

  Clapton is God 20:03 02 Mar 2009


Your link takes me to the PCA Games page.

  keverne 20:11 02 Mar 2009

Scroll down.

  Devil Fish 20:15 02 Mar 2009

is referring to posts made within that forum if you scroll down it is in reference to a poster from the Philippines who was struggling a bit to convey his post in English and some of the subsequent replies

  AL47 20:35 02 Mar 2009

i agree with the op, thats just not nice, it isnt to hard to figure out what hes saying,

im glad i have english as a first language cause its like no 1 for the whole world, and im terrible at languages

im surprised he didnt just leave

  last starfighter 21:00 02 Mar 2009

Mr Mistoffelees you DO have a point in your thread but i dont think they was trying to be insultive more trying to get a grip with the thread & what the member was trying to say, I myself is married to a foreigner & i'm happy she does speak 98% of English, so i do understand "Mr Mistoffelees" in your concern here...i'l wait to see what FE replies..

  Bingalau 21:37 02 Mar 2009

Seems to me some of us English speakers could do with a few lessons too.

  Picklefactory 21:49 02 Mar 2009

Not sure how well I would manage to post a thread on a Philipino site. I honestly don't even know for sure what language they speak, Spanish, Portuguese, or is Philipino a language of its own? I am off to Google as I speak, my ignorance embarrasses me.

Fair play to him for trying.

  Picklefactory 21:52 02 Mar 2009

......... I didn't even mangage to spell it correctly. Language is Filipino, country is Philippines. I'm as dumb as I thought.

  Si_L 22:36 02 Mar 2009

I apologise for what I wrote, at the time it didn't occur to me that the posters primary language wasn't English. You must agree that its frustrating to try to work out those sort of messages, but my bad for realising and for replying in such a way.

  DrScott 22:38 02 Mar 2009

this is an English forum.

If I went into a French forum and tried to join in, I wouldn't be at all surprised if people struggled to make sense of what I was saying.

I also wouldn't be particularly offended if someone wrote 'quoi?'

Personally, none of us should be rude to one another whatever the circumstances. But even here cannot be a utopia.

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