Very Cheap Gold Jewellry ?!

  riiverstock 16:03 08 May 2007

On Sunday in Reading and to-day at Winchester services I was approached by Romanians couples trying to sell me gold rings and chains.

No plumbing nor plastering for them then?

I was surprised by some others weighing the rings,up and down,in their hands.

You don't think that it was fools gold!

  g0slp 16:19 08 May 2007

This was in the media over the weekend.

  MrNerdy 16:36 08 May 2007

Some jewelery in some countries is of a lesser quaility than you get in the UK, That and being offered in the street is not something you want to get into.

Stolen goods are often sold this way!

  spuds 17:27 08 May 2007

The scam as been around the Midlands for a few weeks. Police just confiscate the goods, then kick them out of town. Going sales offer 'gold' content rate about £50.00 but considerable discounts offered, if you want to barter.

These people are also running another scam. Knocking doors or visiting premises with 'babes in arms' then demanding money, food and/or clothing. If refused, verbal insults optional.

  wee eddie 18:26 08 May 2007

Rings with hollow shanks are acceptable and not unusual.

Gold that is not cast in the UK can be of any consistency the maker wishes. So long as the Seller does not claim that it's so many Carets then no sin has been committed. I don't think.

  wiz-king 21:19 08 May 2007

The government is doing away with hallmarking I heard - I may have been misinformed but it sound typical to do away with a system that has worked for 400 years to modernise it.

  tammer 22:57 08 May 2007

Well a Scottish dude offered me a leg of lamb (in its pack)in the pub on Sunday!

  De Marcus™ 22:58 08 May 2007

My wife tells me English gold is actually tin, or it may as well be, she's Indian so she would say that....

  squillary 23:42 11 May 2007

De Marcus™: Your wife is pretty much right. Pure gold is 24ct. 9ct gold is therefore 15ct of inert metals. That's why the number that comes with the hallmark is 375. That's 37.5% gold and 62.5% not.

The most common I see is gold plated on top of silver. Easy to tell due to the density of each metal.

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