VERY Annoying Spam Filters!

  Uboat 12:19 16 Jul 2010

Grr why do websites that have these make the format unreadable? some of the websites i use have the text that you type into the box so close and to such a text type you cant read them.? WHY whats the point if we cant read them can they just use text in New times Roman.?

  Clapton is God 13:11 16 Jul 2010

What have spam filters got to do with website fonts?

  Colin 13:27 16 Jul 2010

I think Uboat is referring to the password you have to enter to validate yourself on some websites. They are designed that way so that they can't be read by spam bots. I, too, find them frustrating, and sometimes it takes me two or three attempts before they are accepted as I can’t make out the numbers and letters properly. I suppose they serve a purpose.

  Uboat 13:43 16 Jul 2010

Colin THATS what i meant sorry guys..

  mr simon 14:20 16 Jul 2010

They are called CAPCHA's and like Colin says, are used to validate yourself as a human.

However, the CAPCHA's can be really difficult to decipher sometimes. I've seen much better ones where you have to answer a very basic maths question to enter the site, ie: 4+3=?

  onthelimit 14:50 16 Jul 2010

I find it helps if you zoom in.

  gengiscant 15:05 16 Jul 2010

Are you having a laugh,I may have trouble making out some of the visual CAPCHA's but the audio versions are a hell of a lot worse, I may and I say may, have made out a couple of words.

Who's are the voices?

  morddwyd 20:28 16 Jul 2010


Maths is supposed to make things easier? lol

  sunnystaines 21:42 16 Jul 2010

liked the audio part of the filter.

also spent ages on your web very interesting read

  BT 08:31 17 Jul 2010

I find most sites give you the chance to try a different one if you find the first one difficult to make out.

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