verandah dispute...terra cotta V grey slabs....monday morning showdown.

  Aitchbee 20:59 21 Apr 2012

I want the original look, back on my verandah, ie TERRACOTTA...but my neighbour insists on grey tiles, arranged in a 'diamond' configuration...I have just fell out with my neighbour's daughter, 'cos we don't see 'eye to eye'.The verandahs are on the first floor, but divided by a metal railing.

...has anybody else had the same encounter with their 'frosty' neighbour?

Monday is when it all starts.

  BRYNIT 22:25 21 Apr 2012

IMO you cannot expect others to have the same design/colour preferences as yourself.

Would you still be having this problem if the tiles had originally been grey and you decided to change yours to Terracotta?.

  Forum Editor 23:37 21 Apr 2012

BRYNIT is right - everyone is entitled to express a personal preference. From what you say, you have no jurisdiction in the matter of your neighbour's choice anyway. You'll have terracotta, and they'll have grey - live and let live.

  Shopgirl 00:08 22 Apr 2012

I agree with the forum editor. If your neighbour wants grey tiles it is up to them. Its there choice. Not yours AitchBee. If they wanted tarten tiles they can have it. They have a choice.

  dagbladet 01:32 22 Apr 2012


Am I having a spot of deja vu or did we not had some other verandah flooring angst at your place last year?

  zzzz999 06:28 22 Apr 2012

Offer a compromise, bright yellow :-)

  wiz-king 07:29 22 Apr 2012

I suggests a compromise - arrange both colours of tile in a chequerboard configuration then you could play flowerpot chess.

  Aitchbee 10:19 22 Apr 2012

Let me explain :-

My neighbour (the daughter...who does not live at the address), decided on the grey tiles after personally talking to the representative from GHA, in my absence.I bumped into them as they were leaving and I (foolishly) agreed with her choice of tile covering.

Later,after considering the pros and cons, I decided the terracotta tiles would be more suitable for my purposes ie, big plant pots.The grey tiles being three times the size of the terracotta ones...but much thinner.

I hope we are both satisfied with the end results.

  Quickbeam 11:09 22 Apr 2012

Why should it make any difference?

It's no different to most people in semi-detached house painting different colours on either the woodwork and/or the rendering. And here are plenty of two up-two down terraces with the pastel shades of a fake stone fa├žade in the middle of a terrace of fine ornate Victorian brickwork.

Admittedly they stick out like a sore thumb with a gigantic bandage on.

  spuds 12:13 22 Apr 2012

Whatever you do, be very cautious about neighbour disputes, especially if its with someone who might be acting as a representative of your neighbour?.

Some times these can get very nasty, for the most slightest of reasons?.

You could always use tile paint, after the event!.

  lotvic 12:49 22 Apr 2012

I think the terracotta tiles sound much better - in colour and strength - so hope you get them for your side of veranda. The neighbour may regret having the dismal grey, especially on a sunless drizzly day.

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