The Venus Project

  wolfie3000 23:09 17 Feb 2011

This has kept me awake for many nights now, is it possible? and so on.

Heres what its about.

click here

It really captured my imagination and to be honest I think it can work.

Long story short the project is to make a radical utopia on this planet where everyone is cool to each other, theres no money, no crime, no war only love.

Iv studied the website word for word and a few things struck me.

First off the word Utopia is never used, not once even although the word would fit this project.

Secondly I really think it will work, but not in the way they say.

They think its just a matter of integrating it into modern society, but to be honest I think it will take the collapse of the whole worlds society first of which i can see happening soon.

As i see it, our world society will fail in the next 100 to 200 years, then out of the ashes project eden will will happen.

Iv always had a pessimistic view of the worlds future but i really think project eden will happen and it gives me hope for humanities future.

I really want to be around to see it happen but i know i wont live long enough to see it.

So your thoughts?

  Kevscar1 05:59 18 Feb 2011


  STREETWORK 07:31 18 Feb 2011


  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:10 18 Feb 2011



  userious? 13:33 18 Feb 2011

The men in white coats are on the way.

  dororof 14:59 18 Feb 2011

Chloroform society...
reminds me of the Time Machine,before you see their version of the "immigrant" threat,otherwise known as,Morlocks.
I hope the "men in white coats" take me before i witness this "Utopia".

  peter99co 15:39 18 Feb 2011

Sounds good but with so much unrest in the world between different groups competing for dominance it could never happen.

We cant even decide who should be in charge in one state never mind the whole planet.

  DANZIG 12:26 20 Feb 2011

Personally, I think the 'slate needs wiping clean'.

A situation occurs like that in what I consider one of the greatest books ever, 'Last and First Men' by Olaf Stapledon.

click here

Just start again and see what happens.

  tullie 12:37 20 Feb 2011

Sorry,but if this kept me awake at night,id get help.

  wolfie3000 14:16 20 Feb 2011

Gandalf and Tullie, lets keep the trolling to other boards please.

Lets put it this way 1000 years ago if you said to someone how society is today they would have said the same thing.

As I said before this will not happen in my life time but will take at least 100 generations to happen at best, but I can see it happening.

If you think its just a dream and will not become a reality in the future then give reasons rather than just saying "you need mental help"

  tullie 15:28 20 Feb 2011

Dident say byou neede mental help,but there is a problem if you cant sleep.

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