vendee globe speed and distances

  maltose 16:41 22 Nov 2008

Two questions bothering me from the excellent VG web site
1. what does "nds" mean as in "average speed nds"?

2. When boat "a" is said to be x nm from the leader. Is this the actual distance between them, irrespective of heading, or the distance boat "a" has to travel to be in a position parallel with the leader?

  peter99co 18:52 22 Nov 2008

nm = Nautical Miles

  peter99co 18:56 22 Nov 2008

nds probably Nautical Distance Sailed?

  peter99co 18:59 22 Nov 2008
  maltose 19:40 22 Nov 2008

Well I am grateful for your reponses but they do not help. nds does not mean knots but it is a speed of some sort I certainly suspect the n is Knots. It makes no sense as distance sailed.

The web site, which I praised in my first thread entry does not appear to have explanations for either question. Or perhaps I should write I cannot find the explanations.

  maltose 19:45 22 Nov 2008

I have deduced the answer to my second question. Subtracting the distance to finish for the leader from the distance to finish for boat b gives the distance to leader i.e. it is not the dead line distance.

  peter99co 20:22 22 Nov 2008

Found this but is to complex for me

click here

  peter99co 20:24 22 Nov 2008

The average speed over the entire path is therefore the total distance traveled, nds, divided by the sum of all the times, which gives ...


  maltose 20:47 22 Nov 2008

Many thanks an interesting discovery but the VG's nds figures are too volatile to be running total averages. I do however, think you are onto something and it may be average speed knots(n) over a path segment (ds) but what segment, the last day?

  laurie53 21:11 22 Nov 2008

Net distance sailed (net as opposed to gross, which would include doglegs)?

Don't mean nuthin to me, just a thought is all.

  DieSse 23:19 22 Nov 2008

Your quote actually means

n (ie the number of elements

?s - Delta s - as used in calculus (I don't know whether the symbol for delta will come out correctly, and d is just another way of writing it).

So I don't really think it's relevant.

There doesn't seem to be a definition anywhere on the web. I suspect it could be the net daily speed.

Calculated as the net distance traveled in a day (as opposed to the gross distance.)

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