veiled 'woman 'passes unchecked passport check

  p;3 18:35 20 Dec 2006

I thought this might eventually happen; however, I was of the impression that ALL passports and pictures are checked against the holders identity and ALL veils lifted(in a suitable area away from the gaze of everyone) to confirm the true identiy of the holder

I frequently watch Airport and they have shown on there how they take the veiled women aside to allow their veils to be lifted to confirm the identity

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seems that security aint what it used to be and wearing a vell can hide more than you might think

and should be that if you refuse to lift your veil for security checks ,then you do not get on the plane...simple

  TonyV 19:26 20 Dec 2006

What you say is correct in a normal world, but today, there is too much importance put on PC/Human Rights rather than common sense. In point of fact, common sense has now gone completely out of the window.

This was bound to happen. The real problem is how many others have done exactly the same thing in an attempt to get away from a country that has been good/stupid enough to allow such people in in the first place and paid substantial sums in "benefits" to them?!


  Bingalau 19:32 20 Dec 2006

This was a man who was in the veil and probably had the same looks as his sister. But I agree checks are not rigid enough. This is another reason the veil should not be worn in public. If I walked into my local area wearing a balaclava type head covering I would be under suspicion immediately as being a criminal of some sort. So why do these people think they are entitled to walk our strets dressed in this way. ..Bingalau..

  ulrich 21:04 20 Dec 2006

Before one of the newspapers does a test to get a male reporter on a plane.

  wiz-king 21:14 20 Dec 2006

tonight -- if they can find the plane in the fog.

  p;3 21:24 20 Dec 2006

I recall the times I have gone through an airport armed with my passport ; each and every time I have shown it and have assumed I would HAVE TO show it and my full face for me to be verified as the correct passport holder ; no, I do not wear a veil that covers my face; but if I did I would expect to have to show my face for it to be verified

since the 911 attacks I have often wondered if someone (a man )would try to board a plane in a full veil ( as a woman ) ; are we perhaps heading that way ? if the correct identity is not established by removing (lifting )the veil at passport control ;one might ask why bother having a passport or what is happening to standards of security?

  Al94 21:46 20 Dec 2006

Scandalous and unbelievable! Considering the alleged high level of security and what the rest of us have to go through, surely it couldn't be too difficult to take these veiled women to a screened area and insist they remove the veil for security checking against an unveiled passport photograph if theywant to get in to or leave this country. If they aren't prepared to do this, then don't let them travel.

  bluto1 22:14 20 Dec 2006

This is one of the most horrifying things to have been allowed to happen in Britain. In my opinion the muslim ladies veil should be banned in this country. If I had a shop or place of commerce I`d ban it inside my doors.
Having said all of that I know for a certain fact that a lot of Muslims would support me. By the way I`m white and Christian

  ajm 00:17 21 Dec 2006

The upper Hijab (veil) should cover the hair, ears, neck and chest. It can be worn in any way so as to meet these requirements. There is no obligation to fully cover the face, like the Afghan Burqa. This Burqa was enforced by official and warlords in certain parts of the world.

The lower Jilbab (Dress) should be loose and should cover the arms and also be full lenght.

  Kate B 00:24 21 Dec 2006

The airline that allowed him on the aircraft is at fault - there is no need to check departing passengers' passports from a security point of view. If they're undesirable they're leaving, so it's all good from an immigration officer's point of view. It's up to the airlines to make sure that the passenger, the passport and the name on the ticket match, because first, it's their aircraft that's at risk if they board someone who's potentially a terrorist, and second because airlines can be fined heavily for bringing someone to a country without the right documentation.

  p;3 01:19 21 Dec 2006

surely we have passport control to physically check each passport against the holder to ensure the person travelling is the passport holder

and this issue is yet another reason to, as bluto1 says, ban the wearing of the veil in the UK

not wishing to offend the veiled women, but why wear the thing in the first place? what is there to hide?

and if you are afraid of someone looking at you, surely anyone is entitled to look at anyone, but you have to remember to respect the person you are looking at

I had wondered if ajm is of the Muslim tradition

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