Vehicle, house, persona insurance legal protection

  spuds 12:47 05 Feb 2009

Are either of these products necessary in modern times.

Some say they are a rip-off, and only there for insurance and legal firms advantages, others may well disagree, and perhaps say they are essential.

What's your views?.

  oresome 12:54 05 Feb 2009

I'll stop paying the extra premiums for them if everyone else will.

But I don't want to be at a disadvantage where I'm defending my corner and the other party has a legal team as backup.

  Marko797 12:59 05 Feb 2009

that they are just money spinners for the companies concerned who appear to want to introduce a 'fear factor' (this could happen to you) & as a result, hope to capitalise on ppls insecurity. I always check my policy when it comes thru to make sure the company hasn't made a 'mistake' and charged me for it.

I think this is probably more true (money spinning) with the Mortgage Payement Protection Insurance (PPI) type of thing, which has been strongly criticised recently.

  Clapton is God 13:10 05 Feb 2009

I always take the legal protection option with my car insurance just in case I'm involved in an accident and the other party is bloody-minded enough to want to pursue the matter other than through our respective insurance companies.

  newman35 13:59 05 Feb 2009

I tend to take the line of Marko797, and always reject the 'offers'.
Had a couple of 'family' insurance claims over the years, one was wife's car, other house, and both were settled without legal aid ( although car one did involve solicitor acting for other side). If your case is sound you can do it yourself, if it's not you'll lose regardless.
But I accept it can help ease the mind to have something if you're in doubt - everyone to their own, I suppose.

  carver 12:45 07 Feb 2009

From personal experience these sort of things should be taken.

If I never use them again it will have saved me over £8000.00 over the course of about 5 years.

On one occasion we booked a holiday and made very specific demands for accommodation which wasn't delivered, initially the holiday firm offered us a "good will" payment of £50 in vouchers and told us to go away, after the solicitors who are employed by my house insurance got involved I received a check for nearly £1700.00.

Another occasion a car I had bought had been involved in a serious accident before I bought it, the company I had bought it from at first tried to deny any responsibility for the state of the car, but after action again from my house insurance they decided to supply me with another slightly newer car at no extra cost.

That car would have cost me over £4000.00 to put right.

Sorry to go on but a PC I bought from a very well known name on this site supplied me with a set up which proved to be very un reliable, again after action from my house insurance full cost of PC returned.

So make your mind up, cost for legal protection £20.00 a year and not many worries or try and fight things yourself.

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