Vatican withdraws Envoy

  Al94 21:21 28 Jul 2011

I know this has been the subject of debate on the form in the past. It is pleasing to see that one European prime minister has had the courage to mount a blistering attack on the hierarchy of the Catholic church who I believe have been shaken by the support this has received from all politicians in Ireland, the public and many priests.

If more countries reacted similarly then maybe these issues would be properly dealt with by the Vatican who need to be woken up to address the realities of these heinous crimes.

  Strawballs 22:43 28 Jul 2011

All the Vatican is interested in is how much money they can make and can't see what the problem is because of papal infallibility, if the Pope says so it must be right because he can't ever be wrong.

  ams4127 21:57 29 Jul 2011

Strawballs You got it in one.

I grew up in rural Ireland as a Protestant when almost all the people around were Catholic. The men who we employed on our farm always took their families to Chapel on Sundays (in those days the men went in one door and the women and children through a different one). If for some reason they didn't go, the Priest would be round on Monday morning driving his Mercedes to find out why they hadn't been and paid their dues.

The first X rated film shown in Dublin caused quite a stir and, before it opened, the Bishop of Dublin stated that the "good, clean living Catholics" wouldn't want to see it. By damn, you should have seen the queues of the "good, clean living Catholics" outside the cinema who didn't want to see it!!

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