Vat on soft drinks?

  Chas49 16:58 02 Dec 2008

I notice that Morrisons have charged 15% on Robinsons Orange Squash (Sugar free) - I have queried this with the store but they couldn't or wouldn't commit themselves on whether there is really VAT on what I would head Food. Any views ?. Surely this cannot be correct!

OK, so it was only 16p but is this a sign of things to come, VAT on Food?

  johndrew 17:04 02 Dec 2008

Some foodstuffs have always been subject to VAT. Such things as sweets are included. You can check the items concerned under Group 1 Schedule 8 of the Act click here

  beeuuem 17:12 02 Dec 2008

Orange juices, squashes and soft drinks are not classified as food and are liable for VAT at the standard rate. See click here

  Chas49 18:44 02 Dec 2008

You live and learn, I hadn't seen VAT applied to this item before and I have bought many bottles from this supermarket over the years.

  interzone55 19:54 02 Dec 2008

But you wouldn't have noticed the VAT before - it's only now that the VAT rate has changed that you're looking...

  laurie53 20:19 02 Dec 2008

I had a query with VAT a few months ago.

I knew that food in restaurants carried VAT, but couldn't understand why I had to pay VAT on a takeaway.

Took me ages to find out that hot food is subject to VAT.

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