Ussing Lap top outside.

  Ex plorer 15:56 16 Jul 2010

I see the poll will you use you use your laptop in your garden was no for 179 vote(s) ( 32.8%) because it was affected by sunlight etc.
Go to Desktop right click then Personalize, windows color appearance, and set at High contrast White, I find it a boon when out side and return to normal (Standard) windows when I go indoors. My OS is Vista but I am sure it can be set on most OS

  anchor 16:45 16 Jul 2010

I can`t find a high contrast setting, or anything similar, in XP.

  Ex plorer 20:46 16 Jul 2010
  peter99co 22:07 16 Jul 2010

shortcut is alt-leftshift-prtsc

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