Users desert Windows XP in near-record numbers

  SparkyJack 12:20 03 Jan 2012

Reading that report I am struck by the way the copy is engineered to promote the current offering- not surprising really- Microsoft like all companies will only promote the latest product. I am quite happy with XP Pro[duelled with Ubuntu on same machine] and going by the tussle I had with my daughters new Win7 laptop the other day - nothings going to change any time soon for me.

I guess also the current trend to sell machines with the operating system pre installed with no support disks will make that way advance further.

I wonder what the 'stats' reveal about the sales of - ready to go- computers is over bare bones or component sales my preferred route - but then I built my own Hi Fi back in the day too. I guess the ready to go would win hands down

  john bunyan 15:17 03 Jan 2012

I stayed with XP from its launch until 2 years ago (did not bother with W 2000 nor Vista). I dual booted for a month with XP and W7, convinced that my trusty XP was better. IMHO it was not - I like W7 and can see no advantage in retaining XP unless the equipment is old or the cost of software is too much. I will not rush into W8, however! I have bought semi bespoke ready to go - so good that the last two I bought were Dan and Evesham that both firms went belly up , I suspect because they had good (but costly) back up service. Like you in the days of (Quad) valve amps etc I assembled HiFi but these days buy ready made with add ons.

  wiz-king 16:26 03 Jan 2012

I wonder how many of the 'droves' have got new PC's or laptops and did not have a choice.

  Aitchbee 16:44 03 Jan 2012

I, foolishly, inserted a microsoft windows 95 floppy disc into my microsoft XP pro computer, and now it won't boot.

(The small print on the floppy covers microsoft from blame.."For Distribution only with a new PC".

That's why I keep backup computers.

XP is a good version of windows. I have only dipped my little toe into W7, so I can't say if it improves on the user-freindliness of XP.

  interzone55 17:04 03 Jan 2012

Windows 7 is much friendlier than XP, and a vast improvement on the dog that was Vista.

If you have a PC that works with XP, then keep it.

If your PC dies then there's no point in installing an old, no longer supported, OS on the new PC, go with W7.

  morddwyd 17:14 03 Jan 2012

"Reading that report"

What report?

  Aitchbee 17:37 03 Jan 2012
  onthelimit1 17:41 03 Jan 2012

'no support disks'

But I have yet to come across a new machine where there is no option to burn your own recovery discs - something I do for every machine I set up for people.

  Aitchbee 17:45 03 Jan 2012

Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia did a very good puzzle about a signpost that was blown down during a storm.(It's on the ground...with no direction known)

How would you know which way to go?

Have I gone the wrong way..FE?

  morddwyd 17:49 03 Jan 2012

Oh, it's an American report.

So we don't know if it applies to the US only, North America only, the Americas, the Western hemisphere, the world, or just Kent County, Delaware!

  Aitchbee 18:00 03 Jan 2012

Once you have read the report, it 'applies' with a subliminal effect, to all and sundry.

You MUST update your computer

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