user names...

  Kev.Ifty 00:34 27 Oct 2005

When i login to PCAdvisor i have one user name. Kev.ifty.

There are quite a few that seem to have more than one.

It's a little confusing at times, not knowing whether one is reading an update from the original 'Poster' or if a new 'Postee'(?) is adding a comment.

If you do use different names, what are they?

How did you come to have more than one?

Just wondering.. Kev

  Dan the Doctus 01:09 27 Oct 2005

Dan the Doctus <--- Has only one PCA user name

I don't think FE approves of anyone having more than one, and quite rightly.

  lotvic 01:11 27 Oct 2005

I've only had one name on forum, but do you mean like this ? when 1 Cherry changed to Sea Princess and etc etc. It's all explained how it works on this thread.

Changing name click here

  Kev.Ifty 01:45 27 Oct 2005

No i don't mean people that have changed their name. There are people that post using more than one name.

Recently a member posted using one name and part way through the thread the name changed but it was obvious that it was the same member.

I know FE ain't happy with the practise. Which is why i worded it as i did. It was a sort of attempt to get those 'doppelgangers' (sorry i know that a rubbish synonym) to come forward.

I don't wish to judge anyone or make them feel they are doing wrong. I'm sure those with more than one login name are perfectly legitimate members, doing no wrong.

Still wondering Kev ;-)

  Kev.Ifty 01:59 27 Oct 2005
  Kev.Ifty 02:03 27 Oct 2005

I can't get the hang of that Click here thing..

Second attempt...

click here

If i am wrong i apologise.

  Skills 03:36 27 Oct 2005

How much of a donut am I, I didnt even notice that the user name had changed. Not that it would have changed my response just commenting on my really poor observation skills :)

Prehaps the user hasnt got 2 accounts but decided to change his user name in the interim.

Ive changed mine since being on the forums as has others so its quite possible

  amy-best 06:36 27 Oct 2005

I remember when you accused me of having a different user name, madferrit. click here. You never did appologise, did you.

  CurlyWhirly 07:29 27 Oct 2005

I only use the ONE user name.
I did briefly see 'CurlyWurly' on here but it was *nothing* to do with me despite sounding the same!

  €dstowe 10:59 27 Oct 2005

I had to change my name because, somehow, the PCA computer forgot me.

Originally €dstow, it lost my details but wouldn't let me re-register under that name as it told be that there was already a member with that name - I knew that - it was me but, I couldn't persuade it otherwise.

I re-registered with an "e" on the end. Oddly, the password I was given was the same as my original one.

  watchful 11:17 27 Oct 2005

Maybe that was two different people on the link you gave.

Perhaps the second poster hi-jacked the thread because they had the same problem and then thanked the provider of the answer?

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