US sucking up to China

  Seth Haniel 09:14 07 Aug 2008

putting Athletes Health at risk

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A group of US cyclists who arrived in Beijing wearing respiratory masks have apologised to China's Olympic Games organisers, a US sports official said.

But levels of particulate matter measured by the BBC in the city on Wednesday gave readings well above the World Health Organisation's recommended target level.

  €dstowe 12:00 07 Aug 2008
  €dstowe 12:04 07 Aug 2008

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Quote Bush:

"The US believes the people of China deserve the fundamental liberty that is the natural right of all human beings"


"America stands in firm opposition to China's detention of political dissidents, human rights advocates and religious activists"

Two words come to mind:

Guantanamo Bay.

  MAJ 14:25 07 Aug 2008

First thought I had too, €dstowe.

  Pine Man 17:11 07 Aug 2008

So Bush is now shouting about Chinas human rights record - a couple of days after an alleged terrorist (Osama bin Laden's driver) was convicted at Guantanamo Bay by a US military court, using armed forces officers as jurymen and allowing coerced evidence to be given!

  Forum Editor 18:06 07 Aug 2008

because that's what Americans - and come to that Europeans - want him to do. What people don't want is to see him attending the opening ceremony in Beijing without at least speaking the words 'human rights' before he does so.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that what American presidents say is always what american presidents think, or that they aren't well aware of the fact that every word they utter in public speeches is going to be analysed and criticised a hundred times over.

There would have been a good deal more to criticise if he hadn't said anything about China and its human rights record - which is a disgrace by the way, and they know it. They (Chinese leaders) know it, but they believe that the way to respond is to say 'Why can't the world come to China as our guests and enjoy our hospitality in the spirit of the Olympic Ideal? We don't think that it's appropriate or desirable to introduce politics into a great international sporting event'

In other words - leave Chinese matters to the Chinese, and don't try to interfere. I've had as much said to me by Chinese people with whom I've tried to discuss human rights; they don't want to talk about it, they believe it's a Chinese problem, and nothing to do with me.

President Bush is coasting home to retirement - don't expect too much of him by way of rocking international boats.

  laurie53 21:13 07 Aug 2008

"US sucking up to China"

Have they discovered major oilfields then?

  Stuartli 23:56 07 Aug 2008

Bush did make the remarks before arriving in China, giving time for measured responses to be made.

Sky News has been carrying stories today, by the way, about many construction workers involved in the new stadiums etc not being paid, especially if they have been injured whilst undertaking the work.

  User2008 00:51 08 Aug 2008

I watched a bit today and what interested me was the levels of pullution... I think most of the athletes will come home diagnosed with Asthma or other respiratory conditions. :P

Both America & China have issues, while one likes to keep itself to itself the other likes to trod all over the planet sticking it's oar in at the same time oozing double standards.

  Chegs ®™ 02:09 08 Aug 2008

We don't think that it's appropriate or desirable to introduce politics into a great international sporting event'

Well said,it is none of our business.I agree chinas record is terrible,but political posturing at a sporting event wont change anything.I'm not remotely interested in the olympics,moreso because of all the political jibes and cannot wait for this event to end so I can resume watching TV News that isnt occupied by half an hour of reports about air quality,and demonstrations(although I was amused to hear that there are deserted "demonstration" areas and before anyone can demonstrate,they must complete a questionaire)

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