US prisoners

  Quickbeam 17:03 28 Apr 2008

are kept barely alive on a starvation diet of 3000 calories a day click here Only in the US...

  Monoux 17:28 28 Apr 2008

I'm surprised no one has done this in the UK and we all know what the result would be, human rights lawyers making a bomb, more food and of course compensation for the prisoner.

Meanwhile his victims family would get -- nothing

  wee eddie 17:44 28 Apr 2008

Female ~ 1600 to 2500 Calories per day. Depending on height and lifestyle.

Male ~ 2500 to 3500 Calories per day. Depending on height and lifestyle.

Personally I'd stuff 'em with Burgers & Chips so they pegged out from a Heart Attack asap

  Bingalau 19:16 28 Apr 2008

Maybe they should show them pictures of the survivors of Belsen or the Japanese POW camps. Just to let them know how lucky they are.

I'm all for a clamp down on the lifestyle of prisoners in this country never mind the USA. They live a life of luxury compared with some of the people who have committed no crimes whatever.

  Forum Editor 19:22 28 Apr 2008

with such trivia is beyond me - there must be a shortage of proper news.

  csqwared 19:49 28 Apr 2008

Well said Bingalau, my sentiments exactly.

  interzone55 19:55 28 Apr 2008

Just to give this a bit a balance - the guy is on remand pending trial, he's not been found guilty of any crime yet.

Perhaps we should have the likes of "posh" spice locked up in this jail, get some meat on their bones...

  sunny staines 20:41 28 Apr 2008

what happened to bread and water in prison.

  peter99co 20:44 28 Apr 2008

That ended about the same time as Transportation.

  belfman 11:04 29 Apr 2008

Surely it's good for him to lose the weight.

Is his plan to be so heavy they can't get him into the Courts?

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