US congress woman shot

  Strawballs 23:09 08 Jan 2011

US congress women was shot and is in critical condition, 5 others killed inc 9yr old girl and federal judge.
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  zzzz999 07:10 09 Jan 2011

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and this handily removed from Sarah palin's website immediately after.

  morddwyd 07:11 09 Jan 2011

While it is always a tragedy for those involved, I don't know why there is always such a fuss when somebody runs amok with a gun in America.

As long as they have almost universal gun ownership enshrined in law there will always be people who abuse it.

I remember having a conversation about restricting gun ownership with an American friend following a previous such incident.

He said "They can take my gun off me, but the magazine will be empty, and the barrel will still be smoking".

Those sorts of attitudes are entrenched, and are unlikely to change during the lifetime of anyone on this forum.

  Strawballs 10:38 09 Jan 2011

She wants to run for whitehouse! god help us all if she gets in

  Cymro. 10:49 09 Jan 2011

I despair at the way the Americans insist on sticking to their policy on people having guns. Can anyone explain to me preferably simply and briefly how they think this makes for a better society.

  carver 11:17 09 Jan 2011

It isn't the gun that commits the crime it's the person holding it.

Hand guns are banned in this country but gun crimes are still committed and with more frequency.

The Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms along with a lot of other rights we do not have, that also means they don't have a lot of knife crimes.

  Quickbeam 11:22 09 Jan 2011

Guns are America's Pandora Box, they're beyond redemption on that one.

  Quickbeam 11:25 09 Jan 2011

"...that also means they don't have a lot of knife crimes."
That surely must be the answer to Cymro's "Can anyone explain to me preferably simply and briefly how they think this makes for a better society." question!!!

  Cymro. 11:36 09 Jan 2011

you say "they don't have a lot of knife crimes"

I hope you have the facts and figures to prove that. If you don`t then it is a very stupid statement that I doubt very much. So would you like us to have the same gun laws as they do in the USA then?

  Bingalau 11:53 09 Jan 2011

It may come to that eventually, it is not long ago I remember people saying it will never be necessary for out "Bobbies" to carry guns... But how many of them do so now. (Continental "Bobbies" seem to carry guns as a norm).

  Uboat 12:16 09 Jan 2011

Someone who i know via online gaming is american, he's only about 17 yrs old a good lad but with a very worying look at life! on his facebook he has pics of nazi style stuff and pics of people getting shot, there is one of him with a gun aiming down the barrel! & he has deliberately left his pic's viewable by anyone in the world!

i wont be part of what he is looking into or where he is going all i will say is apart from police & adults over the age of 26 with all their medical history looked into IMHO i think the laws should be changed to make it illegal!

Even the use of guns in house! for instance in usa if someone breaks into your house in america you can shoot them dead as self defence? ive been burgled before and yes i want justice but to want to kill them is OTT imho...

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