Urban Myths...

  Quickbeam 12:16 21 Jul 2007

The 'Bear' thread got me thinking on this one that I've never really believed or not.

Living a few miles from a new regional airport, that was converted from an RAF 'V' bomber base, I've always been aware that during the Cold War, we were living next to a primary target in the event of a nuclear exchange.

Every year we went to the airshow which featured the 'Vulcan scramble', which consisted of 3 Vulcans taking off in quick succession. This was a deafening & blood chilling sight.

Anyway, the urban myth or truth, was that in the event of a real 'angry' scramble, two abreast on the main runway and using the parallel taxiways, all available Vulcans could be in the air in a few minutes... I don't know if this is true or not?

Any other Urban Myths out there?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:13 21 Jul 2007

Hundreds of them........click here


  Forum Editor 13:31 21 Jul 2007

I lived on a V bomber station, and heard the same story - my father, was 'Wing Commander Flying' always told me they could get the whole squadron airborne in under 15 minutes.

I have no idea if that was true, but as you say, they were an impressive sight (and sound) as they heaved themselves into the air. No problems with pollution then - they smoked like chimneys under full takeoff power as I recall.

  Belatucadrus 16:36 21 Jul 2007

I'm sorry, but the thought of our nuclear counterstrike being abandoned as the V bombers propulsion units weren't ecologically sound enough tickled me.

  soldatengrab 19:02 21 Jul 2007

In the event of a Nuclear Winter, I'd kill for a spot of Global warming...

  laurie53 20:25 21 Jul 2007

All the V bombers could certainly get off that quickly - they had to, the Four Minute warning was not an urban myth, it was real.

I was once on a station that got three squadrons of Shackletons off from cold (i.e. not on QRA Standby) in twenty minutes!

I was on one of them, and was at lunch a mile and a half away when the hooter went!

That was a pretty impressive sight, but I imagine an air traffic controller's nightmare.

AT 180 knots on a good day they took a while to clear controlled airspace!

  bluto1 20:37 21 Jul 2007

....with a tail wind too. I was a Fighter Controller at RAF Buchan in those days.

  spuds 20:55 21 Jul 2007

For a blood chilling sight, there's nothing like flying between Venezuela and Jamaica over Cuban airspace. The sudden appearance of friendly MIG pilots who even wave to you, can be a little concerning ;o).

  Mike D 08:00 22 Jul 2007

Watched a programme about the project to ge the last surviving Vulcon airworthy. An ex-crew member said that 4 Vulcans would be on stand-by at the height iof the Cold War and could be airbourne from a "cold and dar" state in 1minute 40 seconds!


  laurie53 10:30 22 Jul 2007

You'll enjoy this, then. The rest of you just chat among yourselves while I hi-jack the thread!

I was in Coastal Command when it was taken over By Strike Command in the seventies.

One of the monthly returns they introduced dealt with gun failures, one entry being "Height Above Sea Level in Thousands of Feet"

The first time I duly entered "0.05", only to get a very irate phone call pointing out that these questions had a serious purpose, and facetious answers helped nobody!

There were adjustments to be made on both sides!

Incidentally, on the subject of returns, whenever I got a new posting I made it a point initially never to complete a monthly, quartery or annual stats return unless somebody actually rang up an asked for it.

That way I ensured that at least the information was needed , and you'd be amazed how much paperwork I saved, I'd sometimes "lose" over half of these "vital" returns.

Don't suppose I'd get away with it now, some damned computer would ask me why it was late!

  spuds 11:25 22 Jul 2007

That particular Vulcan is still undergoing a major refit, and the bill is increasing all the time. The Vulcan is actually located at the old USAF base in Bruntingsthorpe, Leicestershire.

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