Update on Fungi growing behind my cooker :(

  lotvic 21:59 17 Nov 2010

Well now, here's an update on my fungi/ water leak thread click here I've started new thread as other is green ticked and this one may have to be moved to Consumerwatch at some point.

Looks as if the fungi is from the cushioning underlay for laminate flooring as no sign of any on stud wall floor plate as far as can be determined.

The 'leak' is actually the water produced by the boiler dribbling down from the loft.
It is supposed to drain into the soil pipe but that joint is not watertight and half of it is running down the outside of soil pipe.
I have once again (see last April's caper click here when water was dripping through bathroom ceiling) got a pool of water in the loft and wet beams.

This is more serious though as will need a thorough examination, remedial work to all affected areas as plasterboard got mildew inside the wall at bottom, both sides, so tiles will have to come off in bathroom as well as in kitchen.
Kitchen laminate flooring will have to come up and be renewed.

Only upside is I don't intend paying for any of it as it is a faulty installation done 11 months ago.
Downside is I have to tangle with British Gas :( but maybe that is actually easier than if it had been an Independent firm.
Not sure who to ring first, BG, Trading Standards or Insurance.

  Woolwell 22:27 17 Nov 2010

Indsurance for first contact, then BG. Get insurance to send an assessor and they may well take up the fight on your behalf. They will certainly advise.

  lotvic 22:40 17 Nov 2010

Thanks Woolwell, I really am a little lost on this one :(
Insurance first call then and do as they say I s'pose.

  Chris the Ancient 09:24 18 Nov 2010

A few years ago, I had a small (and unknown) leak from the washing machine which ruined my laminate floor.

I discussed it with the insurance company - but didn't get too far!

A *good* local flooring guy managed to trace the flooring type and wood finish and replaces just a couple of panels at a reasonable cost... thank goodness! The wood was only very slightly less faded than the original and was hardly noticeable.

However, I would most certainly try pursuing BG through your insurance company.

  Woolwell 11:30 18 Nov 2010

Almost certainly a condensing boiler and it is the condensate drain that is leaking. It has to go the main drains as it is slightly acidic.

  lotvic 13:20 18 Nov 2010

Woolwell is correct and engineer is expected this afternoon to sort that bit out. Then I get visit from Tech Manager to assess the damage. I hope they both turn up.

I rang House Insurance but was kept hanging on for 5 minutes and being charged for call, so hung up and rang the Complaints Dept B.Gas and said I was ringing Trading Standards next if don't get it sorted.

  Woolwell 13:29 18 Nov 2010

Persevere with the insurance. Don't they have an 0800 number for claims?

  Woolwell 13:30 18 Nov 2010

However insurance companies could be inundated (pun intended) with claims from Cornwall at the moment.

  lotvic 13:43 18 Nov 2010

Will do Woolwell, it's just that I want the engineer & Tech to expose the stud wall so I can see the extent of damage better and also to find out - in writing - what BG intend doing about it, so I can keep ins co fully informed and they can guide me. It comes under the heading of 'faulty installation' it was only done 11 months ago.

Have also got Trading Standards local tele number and name of person to speak to.
I am hoping that sounds like I am organised - am not really but trying to do it right.

  Woolwell 14:05 18 Nov 2010

Be careful that they don't create more damage than necessary. You do not want anyone saying that you did it and it wasn't down to the leak. You may need a survey of the damage eventually for a claim.

This must be awful for you.

  lotvic 14:14 18 Nov 2010

It only requires a plywood inspection panel removing, but can't do it myself as gas cooker feed pipe is fastened to it, so it has to be a proper gas fitter to remove the panel.
No smells, and had a peek with a mirror last night and it looks okay apart from Wet through and bottom bit gone black and mildew on bottom of plasterboard bathroom side. I'm trying to look on the bright side ;-)

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