Unusually Moving News Clips

  morddwyd 20:26 11 Apr 2012

In this day and age I have unfortunately become hardened to the dreadful scenes which are routinely part of our daily news broadcasts.

However I found this evening's pictures of the gut wrenching terror of the people of Indonesia and Thailand following the issue of a tsunami warning, luckily unfulfilled, very moving.

These people were expecting to die.

  john bunyan 20:32 11 Apr 2012

Thank goodness that the quake had little upward movement so the tsunami seems to have been avoided. It seems the plate slipped sideways. I had an e mail yesterday from a Japanese friend whose brother lost his job after their one. What a fantastic clear up job they have done with little foreign help.

  Forum Editor 21:11 11 Apr 2012

The last time I was in Thailand there was a tsunami warning at my beach hotel. The hotel had been badly damaged by the 2004 tsunami (half the beach ended up in the hotel lobby) and lots of people lost their lives.

The warning that I'm referring to came to nothing - a wave that was only slightly higher than others that morning - but like you I was moved by the obvious terror I saw on the faces of some of the hotel staff; those who had witnessed the earlier disaster unfold.

Makes you realise how lucky we are to live on a relatively stable chunk of the earth's crust.

  ams4127 22:09 11 Apr 2012

I was in Thailand a couple of months after the disaster on a golf tour.

I can clearly remember sitting on the beach and keeping a very close eye on the size of the waves!

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