Unusual Tricycle

  interzone55 21:56 17 Jul 2011

We visited the Lakeland Motor Museum today and saw many fascinating, amongst the most bizarre was a two-wheel steering tricycle with an engine and huge propeller on the front,listed as a 1930 Kendrick Tricycle. The only text with the exhibit says "Featuring propeller power attachment utilising a wheel rim as a propeller housing"

I've never seen anything like this before, and have not been able to find anything on Google either.

Has anyone got any information about this?

Photobucket link

  Quickbeam 22:11 17 Jul 2011

I'm surprised that the museum doesn't know everything about the history of it.

  interzone55 22:34 17 Jul 2011


There were no museum staff around to ask, and the only details were the couple of lines on the sigh.

Overall it was quite a shoddy museum with signs missing of many exhibits.

Other oddities were a tricycle with one driven big wheel on the left, and two small wheels on the right; and a "pentacycle" with four small wheels at each corner and a big driven wheel in the middle.

  daz60 23:00 17 Jul 2011

An interesting and unusual design,did some checking and found these,the blog is quite informative.

link text

link text

  Quickbeam 08:05 18 Jul 2011

It looks like some sort of assisted powered bike, something like the electric/pedal bikes you can buy now.

I wouldn't like to get in the way of one and don't you just know that sooner or later some boy would stick his fingers through the grill to see what happens!

  Quickbeam 08:07 18 Jul 2011

...and the cycle bell on the handlebars is a bit unnecessary with the racket that it must have made in motion!

  Quickbeam 08:11 18 Jul 2011

Probably by not driving though a chain to the rear wheels (which would have classed it as a motorcycle), it circumvented the legal definition of a motor vehicle, so used a tax and licence loophole of the day... maybe.

  carver 08:22 18 Jul 2011

I think it was just a first attempt at Air con

  Quickbeam 08:52 18 Jul 2011

But there's no tray for the dry ice.

  interzone55 09:09 18 Jul 2011


Thanks for the links, but still not seen another with a propeller. maybe it's a self build job.

  carver 09:18 18 Jul 2011

alan14 I think the reason for not seeing too many of them is that the take off was OK but the landing left a lot to be desired.

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