Unusual... i saved money!

  debwilson 09:55 25 Jan 2006

Im a bit new to all this, but felt that I wanted to share my experience with someone...

i normally go to my local opticians to buy my glasses and spend around £150,

I saw an advert on TV last week for a web company called click here - where you can buy glasses from £19.99 upwards.

Now i have to be honest, i went for one of the most basic pairs which were indeed £19.99, I had to pay £2.50 postage...

.. but they arrived this morning and they are absolutely fantastic, i really cant tell the difference between these and my last pair which cost me over £100 pounds more!!!!!!!!

This is my first internet bargain, and i really just wanted to know if anybody else has bought glasses on the internet?

  spuds 10:11 25 Jan 2006

Its okay purchasing spectacles via the internet, but at the end of the day, your eyes are a very precious commodity.Only an expert can help with problems with the eye sight, and this should be bourne in mind at all times.

Having stated that, I have occasional use of 'expensive' spectacles, but my main daily computer and reading spectacles are the very cheap reading one's via the chemist.The last pair cost me £4.99 and they seem to work very well.

What I did notice, that your 'first internet bargain' seems to 'come over' as a very good advert ;o).

  debwilson 10:15 25 Jan 2006

I have used ebay many times, and although i feel like im getting a bargain at the time, once i recieve the article (if it arrives at all) i am never really thrilled with my purchase......

I still had my eyes tested with the normal opticians shop, so i know my eyes are healthy,

i just genuinely felt i had got a good deal
(for once)


  dmc727 12:06 25 Jan 2006

Not a firm I would deal with.

No address given on web site, 0870 telephone number. In addition, prescription details and payment all done online.

There also appears to be no company listing for 4seeing.

Why trust someone with your custom and money when no valid address or status is given. Unless you can convince me otherwise Debbie?

  jack 12:11 25 Jan 2006

I wonder if '4 seeing' has anything to do with other enterprises with '4' in the address
4 jobs /4 cars /4 phones etc- the work of an individual as a franchise operation.

  debwilson 12:20 25 Jan 2006

I did not check to see if the company was listed... didnt think to check, I thought the 0870 phone number was a nice touch, when i phoned the call centre was very helpful.

Glasses arrived ok, transaction was secure...

I think the general public has become to untrusting.......

  Forum Editor 12:23 25 Jan 2006

with the distance selling regulations. The law requires that if your are selling goods and/or servies via a website, you must clearly show on the site:-

1. The full name of your business and, if you are a sole trader, your own name.

2. Business contact details including an e-mail address.

3. An address for your business that shows your actual geographic location e.g. make it clear that you are based in the UK so that your customers know that UK laws apply (if this is the case).

4. If you are in a regulated profession then you must provide details of the professional body that you are registered with, your professional title, the EU Member State that you are registered in and the rules that apply to you, or a link to them.

5. Your VAT registration number (if you are registered) must be clearly shown at any location on your site where proces are mentioned.

6. It must be made clear if any additional delivery charges will apply, and this must be done before a customer makes a final commitment to purchase.

  Forum Editor 12:47 25 Jan 2006

Maybe because they sometimes have good reason to be...........

You won't believe this Debbie, but we sometimes get people posting threads in which they praise a fairly new business to the sky, saying they have bought something from the company, and generally telling us all what a great service they received. Then, when we investigate, we find that the person posting the thread is actually running the business, or is in some way personally involved with it. Over the years, some of us who have been around the block a few times develop a sixth sense about these threads, and that sometimes warns us about posts that doen't quite ring true.

Sometimes when this happens, I run a few checks, and I find out all kinds of things, like for instance that the person posting the thread has an email address that - by an incredible coincidence happens to be registered with the very same company which hosts the domain name on which the site in question sits. Now I know that such coincidences do happen, but it's unlikely, and coupled with all the other vibes one gets it tends to confirm that one's initial gut feeling was right.

I know that none of this could possible apply in your case Debbie, and I wouldn't dream of inferring otherwise. It's interesting though, how some people think we're all a bunch of fools here, and that we'll be taken in by such stuff.

We don't like it when our forum threads are used for commercial purposes in such an underhanded way - it erodes the basis of trust which we're try to maintain between ourselves and our forum members.

  silverous 12:48 25 Jan 2006

I didn't know those points, would be interesting to apply those to some sites I use regularly to see if they do also.

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