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  birdface 10:46 21 Mar 2012

Maybe it is just the new system and they are not sure how to tick as resolved. Just had a look back for the last month and there must be at least 60-70% of threads still unticked.

Are we actually letting users down and not solving their problems or is it new users that don't bother to tick as resolved.

I know some new members post and then do not follow up with any answers or questions.Or sometimes do not answer for a month or so.

Or maybe the tick as resolved arrow needs to be made easier to use.

I can usually help with simple problems but have we lost a few members that could resolve most problems since the new set up started.

Maybe we are just getting more problems than before but it does not look great when so many posts seem to be unresolved or maybe just unticked because they don't know how to.

I suppose that we have always had this problem but just seems a bit worse than normal just now.

I know.Not that unticked question again.

  morddwyd 11:14 21 Mar 2012

Maybe there are others like me.

I've posted this before, but since the re-launch the tick is not available if you use certain improved accessibility browser options

  birdface 12:05 21 Mar 2012


Maybe something for them to look at.

It has always worked for me so I have no problems with it.

  finerty 12:58 21 Mar 2012

nothings changed accept the new so called system of pc advisor.

Its still very annoying to use or to get the hand of it, with the tags, and when you want to refer a website.

  finerty 12:59 21 Mar 2012

and a lot of people have disappeared and dont post like they use to in the old days using the old system

  Bingalau 14:53 21 Mar 2012

I think a lot of people have disappeared because of the lack of interesting posts. I'm probably one of the worst offenders.

  muddypaws 15:09 21 Mar 2012

I have to dis-able AdBlockPlus on the PCA site before I can green tick.

  muddypaws 15:24 21 Mar 2012


I'm working my way through! They are all before I realised what was blocking it.

Thanks for the general reminder.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:12 21 Mar 2012

Maybe we are just getting more problems than before

lack of interesting posts

Personally I thought we were getting a lot less problems nowadays, put it down to the latest versions of windows being much less troublesome.

Some nights there seem to be hours between posts in the help room.

  birdface 18:37 21 Mar 2012


I have Adblock Plus and can still tick as resolved.I suppose I must have a different filter than yours.

  Condom 19:25 21 Mar 2012

I'm glad it is not just me. I spent hours one night trying to figure out how to put a green tick on my question and in the end just gave up.

It's the same with e-mail replies as it doesn't matter whether I tick that I want them or not I still get them.

The site certainly needs some tweeks. Less time praising Apple and more time fixing the site may be a good idea :-)

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