Untapped market for Laptops?

  JYPX 00:17 10 Aug 2005

I think it is fair to say that these forums have plenty of members who are of mature years...I am just wondering how many of you have been tempted to buy a laptop only to discover that the 17" screen you were looking at has a native (nice word that - it means like it or lump it...) resolution of 1600x1200 or 1440x900, when your desktop CRT is set at 1024x768 - a setting that that you are more than happy with. In fact millions of surfers are using 800x600 as any webpage designer will tell you. Yes, you could mess around with the dpi settings but some claim that there will be problems, perhaps with webpage images..and do you really want a fudged solution on your new £800 laptop? Do you think that Sony/Toshiba/Acer really understand the grey pound?

  DieSse 00:35 10 Aug 2005

Hopefully the next iteration of Windows will have device independant screen handling - I did read it would somewhere.

This means setting the resolution of the display to native mode (for the best display) - but scaling the size of the things on it to the size that suits the user best.

For us oldes - big pictures in high resolution!

  Aspman 14:42 10 Aug 2005
  DieSse 22:20 10 Aug 2005

Very droll.

Later ones used flat fresnel lenses - they too were c**p.

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