Unnecessary Signage

  interzone55 17:14 27 Jan 2008

My gym has just put a "Warning wet floor" sign in the showers.

Needless to say it's a council run facility, as only a council official would consider the public too stupid to realise the floor in a shower may be wet...

  Earthsea 17:23 27 Jan 2008

It's probably aimed at the kind of people who get confused by 'stand in boiling water' instructions when cooking.

  alB 17:32 27 Jan 2008

One of the best ones I've seen, on instructions for a hot air paint stripper.."Do not use as a hair dryer" Can't believe anyone would be daft enough, also on those little bags of silica you get in camera boxes etc the words "Do not eat" ...alB

  sunny staines 18:00 27 Jan 2008

it like the pack of peanuts that had a warning it may contain nuts.

  rossgolf 18:12 27 Jan 2008

MAY contain nuts?
hopefully if its a pack of nuts it WILL contain nuts lol

  spuds 18:24 27 Jan 2008

Bit like McDonald's getting sued because someone spilled hot coffee in their lap ;o)

Or the food product or perhaps salted/roasted peanut wrapper, stating 'This may contain nuts'.

  laurie53 18:38 27 Jan 2008

Have a look on a tin of Swarfega.

It says "Avoid Skin Contact"!

  pj123 18:42 27 Jan 2008

sunny staines, peanuts are not nuts.

They are actually the seeds of the Arachis hypogea plant.

So a packet of peanuts may very well contain nuts.

  lisa02 18:46 27 Jan 2008

My favourite is boxes that have "do not turn upside down" printed on the bottom.

  Forum Editor 18:51 27 Jan 2008

would consider the public too stupid to realise the floor in a shower may be wet..."

Actually, large numbers of 'the public' are very stupid indeed, and would jump at the chance to claim a bit of compensation from someone if they slipped on a floor when they hadn't been warned.

By displaying the sign the council has removed one possibility - that someone could make the allegation that the council was negligent in not warning people. If you slip after a warning you have only yourself to blame. Stupidity levels can be judged by the case of the woman who successfully sued McDonalds because she was scalded by hot coffee, and the company hadn't warned her it was hot. She was almost unbelievably stupid in gripping the coffee cup between her thighs in a car, and attempting to remove the lid, but she was awarded a considerable amount in damages (subsequently reduced by another court), and McDonalds had to put a 'warning - coffee may be very hot" notice on its cups.

  SB23 19:26 27 Jan 2008

This made me remember when Billy Connolly said that at a hotel he stayed at had "do not use in the shower" label on a hairdryer!

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