Unlimited Broadband

  morddwyd 15:20 07 Jul 2010

So what's happened to all the "Unlimited Downloads" packages?

My twelve month contract is about to end, and the last time I was looking for a new ISP they were falling over themselves.

My exchange has not yet been unbundled, so I'm not looking for much, just similar to what I have at the moment, 8 meg and unlimited, but most of the unlimited packages now only seem to apply to 20 meg unbundled lines.

  peter99co 16:11 07 Jul 2010

My exchange has not yet been unbundled?

Can you clarify this for us minions.

  Woolwell 16:17 07 Jul 2010

As far as I am aware O2 and Orange still provide unlimited packages.

  Woolwell 16:19 07 Jul 2010

Unbundled - not LLU ie still using BT lines.

  john 52 16:39 07 Jul 2010

Still using BT lines !!and paying a lot more for our internet packages than you lucky people :-(.

  morddwyd 18:07 07 Jul 2010

A year ago I moved from Orange because of poor service.

Now I want to do the same with O2!

Ah Me!.

  Chegs ®™ 21:02 07 Jul 2010

I noted that Sky were offering "free" broadband of "upto 20Mbs" as long as you forked out for their TV packages,then noticed the small print said that these superfast speeds were restricted to just 2Gbs per month.I left Sky due to problems with connectivity,and then ceased subscribing to the TV packages and bought a Freesat recorder thus ridding myself of hundreds of channels of repeats.I have changed ISP many times due to their lousy service,(apart from Zen)and finally decided that future choice was merely going to be based on price so went to TalkTalk.Were it not for the very cheap price,I would've left them too as I get disconnected after midnight most nights and suffer lousy speeds late evening.I did try to communicate my problems to TalkTalk,but gave up when my call was answered by a call-centre operative whose english was so poor I couldn't understand anything beyond his greeting.

  Kevscar1 07:01 08 Jul 2010

Skys unlimited is £7.50 per month as long as it's in a package. Unfortunatly the phone line ca.t handle 20Mb

  zzzz999 07:15 08 Jul 2010

I so feel your TalkTalk pain. I was there 12 months ago and switched in sheer frustration to BT (its amazing how quickly TalkTalk contact you after that), who have royally ripped me off ever since....but the connection is good.

  morddwyd 07:22 08 Jul 2010

Can you point me in the direction of that Sky package?

I already have Sky but can still only find a limited package.

  canarieslover 08:33 08 Jul 2010

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