United Kingdom and the European Union!

  charmingman 10:50 20 May 2008

Ireland is scheduled to vote in a referendum on the Lisbon EU reform treaty on the 12th June.

The UK government says that a public vote on the treaty is not needed, as it does not alter the UK constitution.

Mention of the EU in Britain usually brings about one of two responses, either total indifference or outright opposition.

Where do you stand on this issue? Should we leave? Should we stay in and try to reform the EU from the inside? Should we never have joined?

  dagbladet 11:58 20 May 2008

This didn't even warrant 1 exclamation mark.

  birdface 12:03 20 May 2008

I find some of there rules as balmy as the ones you used to get with the Labour party in the old days.We were promised a vote we should have it.

  Legolas 12:24 20 May 2008

As Far as I am concerned we never voted to join a European Union we orginally voted to join the Common Market, a good idea and well worth the support of most people.

Since the original concept of the Common Market has changed out of all recognition to what has now become a European Union with many of the laws which affect us being decided in Brussells I think we should get a chance to vote on it, and I would vote to leave the European Union as it now stands.

  belfman 12:46 20 May 2008

Stay in Europe, become further integrated. I'd happily bin my British identity.

  peter99co 15:25 20 May 2008

I still have the fingers the English archers used
against the French, and still use them now and again.

  anskyber 15:33 20 May 2008

I'm delighted we are in the EU and we would be economically poorer without it.

  ened 16:59 20 May 2008

I know the Americans hate it and it is impossible to find any dropdown lists which give you the option but, as far as I am concerned it is Great Britain, not United Kingdom!

  Forum Editor 17:17 20 May 2008

a member of the European Community we would be at a considerable disadvantage. There are enough problems facing us as it is, and the last thing we need is to economically isolate ourselves on the edge of Europe.

  ened 17:27 20 May 2008

As Legolas said the Common Market was a good idea but it has expanded into some nightmarish bureaucracy and we seem to be losing/ have lost all control over everything.

We no longer live in a democracy!

  anskyber 17:33 20 May 2008

We no longer live in a democracy!

Only if you do not vote in the Euro election, I thought that was how democracy works.

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