off to Uni ( part 2)

  wallbash 22:09 15 Sep 2007

Ref part 1 on 28th August

Just done the roundtrip of 350 miles, M1/M6 etc.
Thanks to all on todays Moterway for your safe driving, it was a really easy trip.Those on a Moterway tommorow ( Sunday ) or next weekend , look out for overloaded cars with one solitary teenager sitting in the back, surprizing how many we spotted.

With regard to advice from Slithe about hangers,saw a mother remove from a bulging esate car TWO plastic bags full of hangers. Will be up set when she see's the size of her daughters wardrobe!

Did we forget something, yes, the small saucepan.Was the car stuffed you bet.
Any surprizes, Mother thought it was an all female block.... it's not!

  recap 22:24 15 Sep 2007

glad you made it there and back safely wallbash.

My turn next weekend for a trip to Leeds University with my youngest son. He can't wait and for some strange reason nor can I, lol.

  Forum Editor 23:58 15 Sep 2007

as I'm sure do millions of parents.

  Clapton is God 10:41 16 Sep 2007

What's a "Moterway"?

  Forum Editor 10:51 16 Sep 2007

It's a road that has several lanes in each direction - I'm surprised you don't know that.

Those who live by the sword......

  Cymro. 11:13 16 Sep 2007

They are happy days looking back on them but not always so happy at the time.
But can anyone tell me why it is that when they phone home, when they remember to that is, they always speak to their mother the longest and only ask for father when they want some money.

I always used to say that there was only two phone calls that you don`t want when your child is at collage, those are phone calls from a hospital and phone calls from a police station. As long as you don`t receive such calls then all is more or less alright.

  Diemmess 11:20 16 Sep 2007

My own: Two suitcases via GWR ( 8/11d )monthly return for 35 miles). Into "digs" with 2 other friends in the same room and very slender meals. Landlady held our ration books. Took about a term to find a much better place. No car, but there were good, cheap and frequent bus and train services.

My son: Not much different to today's freshers. Purpose built student flats for first year. Car absolutely stuffed with "might be usefuls".

Grandson: Still the same university, different Faculty much the same clobber. One car initially. His starting second year will need a van or two large cars! Well he is into serious mountain biking!

  Forum Editor 11:21 16 Sep 2007

the longest?

1. Because they're homesick, and she represemts all that's secure and cosy.

2. Because they know she'll sympathise with their problems, rather than try to solve them, which is what their father will do.

3. Because women verbalise everything, and they'll keep talking about nothing in particular, long after a man has said everything he needs to say. Children at university like that, it makes them feel in touch with home.

When my children (two daughters and a son) were at university I was very concious of the fact that I was used for calls about money, and advice about what to do when laptops packed up, cars wouldn't start, boilers in shared houses went wrong, etc. Their mother was the person of choice for just about everything else. It's still much the same, except I'm now consulted about work problems and - surprisingly - my daughters confide in me, more than their mother about relationship difficulties.

  Cymro. 12:24 16 Sep 2007

Very true F.E.
Did any of yours ask you about such things as contraception etc. before going off to university? I had always intended to tactfully bring the matter up with my kids but never actually got round to it. As it turned out they managed very well, probably knew more than I did about such things.

I suppose I should start a new thread about such things. Would make interesting reading.

  wallbash 12:35 16 Sep 2007


Did any of yours ask you about such things as contraception

probably knew more than I did about such things.

Would make interesting reading.

PLEASE , just for a few short weeks will refrain from reading your suggested posting.

PS praying all Manchester boys look hideous to my daughter!

  Forum Editor 12:39 16 Sep 2007

I think all my children knew as much about contraception as I did, long before they went to university. My daughters seemed wordly-wise about such matters, and as far as I'm aware everything was just fine. My son didn't ask for advice, and I didn't offer it - I asked him if everything was OK as we drove him to start university, and he said 'Yes, why wouldn't it be?' which I took as my signal to shut up and drive.

What my children got up to at university is their affair - they were adults as far as I was concerned, and entitled to lead their own lives.

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