off to uni

  wallbash 13:47 23 Aug 2007

Eldest daughter is off to university next month. Will be staying self catering in Halls.So getting together a bunch of gear to transport up with her.Yes we have put on the list the essentials ( bottle opener/can opener)The list is getting longer.
Now the impossible question, What items are we likly to have forgotten.YES I know , if you cant see the ever expanding list, how do you know.

So to phrase the question 'better'. what item did you forget when/if you went to university??

from a slightly concerned father and a Frantic mother.

  hereford456 13:49 23 Aug 2007


  Kate B 13:56 23 Aug 2007

*casts mind back*

I remember being very grateful that I'd taken my own duvet, sheets and pillows rather than having to rely on the supplied bedding. Other household stuff was really important, too: coffee, mugs, extension leads, so that everything could be plugged in.

She should think about all the things she considers vital to her ongoing happiness and comfort, including things like a teddybear if she has one! I'd also suggest a clothes rack for drying washing so that she doesn't have to leave it in some communal space.

  wallbash 14:05 23 Aug 2007

Alka-Seltzer's... will translate into a VERY simple first aid box ( plasters and asprin)

clothes rack. That will certainly go on the list
( might be needed next week, as she is at the Reading Festival now !)


  ventanas 14:16 23 Aug 2007

Just take every single item you can possibly think of, and then make a second trip a week later with another car full. That's how I did it with both my daughters. You may be as lucky as I was though, neither of them came home. Both met their respective partners at university and set up their own homes upon leaving.

  Cymro. 14:48 23 Aug 2007

Very much as it happened with my daughter ventanas. Some method of contraception may be a good idea especially for "freshers week"

  wee eddie 15:04 23 Aug 2007

If possible take Second Hand Equipment, you can replace it with new later in the term when her real needs become more apparent.

Freshers week is the time when a vast quantity of new stuff just wanders off. So a suitable Insurance police is de rigeur. I believe that Endsley specialise in the Student Population.

  wallbash 15:16 23 Aug 2007

ventanas hope not! London to Manchester

Cymro... Mother is worried enough!

2nd hand is good. We had a chat with our own (Pru)
House insurer and got an 'extra' cover for daughter.
Worked out at less than an extra £2.00 a month.

  tullie 15:28 23 Aug 2007


  ventanas 15:30 23 Aug 2007

I've got one in Edinburgh and one in Harrogate. Both a bit of a distance from Hebden Bridge. First one went to uni in London, second to Teesside. But went to live in boyfriends' town when they left. They are both descending on us this weekend (or is one ascending) so will make a nice change.

  Cymro. 15:46 23 Aug 2007

I know what you mean when you say "mother is worried enough". A difficult time for all, but a big adventure for the youngsters. As someone once said "youth is wasted on the young"

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